Creating intelligence in the pharmaceutical supply chain.


Covid-19 is straining supply chains around the world, most notably those of pharmaceutical companies. Scarcity of raw materials upstream and overheated demand downstream cause disruptions. Control over their supply chain is a major challenge for all pharma companies today.

RAVAS provides a range of mobile weighing systems uniquely adapted to use in pharmaceutical supply chains, from production to distribution, from cleanroom to shipping bay. These connected mobile weighing systems provide constant information on material flows. Information that enables pharma companies to optimize efficiency in their use of material resources, and to monitor their supply chain, both upstream and downstream.

Cleanroom champion

Take the RAVAS Touch GMP: a stainless steel pallet truck scale, uniquely suited for batching processes in pharmaceutical production environments. All surfaces on this mobile scale are electro polished and completely closed on the upper side. The underside of the scale forks are open, to prevent accumulation of moisture and substances. All welds on this stainless steel truck are continuous and polished, its bearings are made of lubrication free polymers. The scale is also available in ATEX certified version, for use in hazardous environments.

Main features

RAVAS has made the Touch GMP a highly accurate scale, thanks to the use of their patented FlexBolts. The touch screen display provides several advanced functional programs, for batching, dosing, and for entry and registration of product-ID’s. A range of connectivity options enables communication of weight data, for documented quality management and traceability. And when the cleanroom is cleaned in-between batches, you simply roll the scale aside.

Connected forklift trucks monitor supply chains

RAVAS iForks is a set of scale forks that can be installed on any lift truck in ten minutes. It enables the weighing of palletized goods without taking them out of the logistic process, and turns forklifts into platforms for gathering data on material flows. Checking inbound goods while offloading freight trucks. Weighing raw materials while moving them between production and warehouse, for stock control. Weighing outbound goods in the shipping bay, for verification, planning and avoiding overloads.

Connectivity creates intelligence in supply chains All RAVAS mobile weighing systems, whether installed on forklift trucks, hand pallet trucks or warehouse trucks, provide connectivity to TMS, WMS or ERP systems. Via Bluetooth to devices used on or near the truck, or over the user’s wireless network. This creates fleets of connected trucks throughout the supply chain, continuously gathering data on material flows. This information on goods moving through the supply chains enables companies to be more efficient and, bottom line, to be more profitable.

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