One million offers in one day: TIMOCOM's freight exchange hits record level again


On 15 December one million freight and vehicle space offers were published in TIMOCOM's Smart Logistics System.

This number not only marks a peak shortly before the start of the new lockdown. There have never been so many offers available in the freight exchange on a single day.

Record number of offers in a traditionally strong freight season

Various factors can be cited as the reason for the high number of freight and vehicle space offers. In previous years, for example, peaks have also been recorded in the System in the period shortly before Christmas. In addition to the seasonal influence, both the lockdown and the Brexit can be considered determining factors to the development. Already in March there were a high number of offers before the first national lockdown. The no-deal Brexit scenario with increased stockpiling in the UK also makes an impact and correlates with a similar trend observed in the first quarter of 2019. 

Until now, the high peak was up to 750,000 international freight and vehicle space offers daily. Since the one million record was reached on 15 December, the number of offers has been constantly above this previous best mark. The figures in the Smart Logistics System measure and illustrate once again how vital logistics is for the current economic situation. 

"This new record also shows us that we are an important partner for our customers, no matter how challenging times are. As before, we continue to pay close attention to the quality of the companies and to the security in our network. These aspects always have a very high priority for us," says Tim Thiermann, Managing Director of TIMOCOM.

One million freight and vehicle space offers in one day. (c) TIMOCOM.


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