DENSO implements more sustainability in retail


DENSO WAVE offers high-end Auto-ID solutions for the retail sector, that have a long-term and sustainable effect.

Sustainability is a growing market. The Boston Consulting Group estimates that, for instance, the entire fashion industry would have to invest 20 to 30 billion dollars annually in innovations in order to achieve the transition to more sustainability. 

Furthermore, the Retail Index 2019 shows that changes in consumer behavior due to sustainability are already noticeable. Companies in the retail sector therefore need to take action and implement a responsible and sustainable value chain as the desire for sustainability influences the consumer behaviour of more than half the population today: 53 percent internationally, 48 percent in Germany. This is the result of the study ‘Consumer Products and Retail: How sustainability is fundamentally changing consumer preferences’, carried out by the Cap Gemini Research Institute.

DENSO WAVE EUROPE, part of the Toyota group, helps retailers take the important step towards more sustainability with innovative handhelds, scanners, and digital solutions for mobile data collection. After all, mobile computers such as handheld terminals and scanners, IoT solutions, and RFID technology are important factors in order to save time and costs and thus operate more sustainably in retail. RFKeeper, DENSO’s partner for RFID, also offers a solution for sustainable management in retail. 

Generating Sales, implementing Sustainability – DENSO offers Solutions with RFID

The study carried out by Cap Gemini also shows that retailers and manufacturers have seen the advantages that sustainability has for customer relationships: 77 percent say that sustainability leads to more customer loyalty, while 63 percent confirm that it increases brand sales. 

As part of the Toyota Group, DENSO WAVE EUROPE knows about the importance of resources in retail and therefore offers solutions to better organize goods and, for example, inventories. Numerous customers from the retail sector have optimised their processes through the use of various handheld terminals, scanners and RFID solutions and not only saved time and costs, but also significantly increased the work quality for their employees. 

Sustainability is achieved by saving resources – time, costs, goods – and the data collection devices are durable. Due to the cooperation with the leading software provider RFKeeper, DENSO WAVE EUROPE supports retailers in becoming omni-channel retailers. The retail sector has to face losses of up to 1.1 trillion dollars in excess or shortage of goods. Additionally, errors in the supply chain result in a loss of ten billion dollars. The average losses make up almost 1.5 percent of annual sales. This equates to a loss of 45 billion dollars worldwide. And this is where companies have to start in order to save not only costs, but fundamental resources. 

The package that DENSO and RFKeeper provide includes the SP1 RFID scanner from DENSO, the source & tagging platform from RFKeeper, hard and soft tags and a POS detacher. With this set, retailers can get started right away and take a step towards greater sustainability through the use of efficient RFID. DENSO has developed the SP1 RFID scanner with a scan speed of 700 tags per second. It enables scanning from distances of up to 13 meters in an area of ​​up to 530 square meters, which makes it ideally suited for inventories in retail and adjacent storage areas, for instance. 

The RFID-based solution for inventory management from DENSO and RFKeeper offers a great advantage of better visibility of the supply chain and can thus support the implementation of more sustainability. Hence, the risk of excess or shortage of goods, errors in the supply chain or internal errors during inventories can be minimised. More sustainability is achieved because there are less goods in storage and the supply chains can be managed more sustainably. In fact, numerous success stories show how RFKeeper turned shops into smart stores. Various clients from the retail sector have increased their inventory accuracy from 75 to 99.5 percent. Furthermore, the shopping experience has improved in all cases.

Scanners, Handhelds, Data Management – how DENSO’s Auto-ID Solutions score

The innovative mobile computers BHT-1700 and BHT-1800 that DENSO launched are ideally suited for use in retail. The BHT-1700 handheld terminal combines a touch panel and keyboard. Its 4-inch display can be used in combination with the keyboard to scan, operate apps or make calls. Employees can also use the handheld to ergonomically register or order goods – they can check stocks more quickly and avoid excess goods in the warehouse in order to operate sustainably. Employees can also use the BHT-1800 handheld ideally in the retail sector: With its 5-inch display, the mobile computer has the largest display since DENSO has existed and is particularly robust thanks to Asahi Dragontrail Pro Glass. Compared to smartphones, handhelds are more sustainable because they do not have to be replaced quickly if, for example, they fall down and the display breaks.

For the European market, DENSO WAVE EUROPE is the contact point for all enquiries on QR Codes, mobile data collection, handheld terminals, and scanners. The durable and robust terminals and scanners manufactured by DENSO are to be found in storage, logistics, at the POS, in production, and field & sales automation applications.

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