Datalogic introduces the AV900 image-based code reader for logistics applications


Datalogic has introduced the AV900 industrial 9MP image-based code reader for applications in transportation, logistics, distribution and airports.

The AV900 extends the Datalogic AV family with a new product that delivers more resolution and power allowing one device to do the work of multiple devices. The AV900 delivers enhanced processing power coupled with an increased field of optical view that maximises throughput and reduces system costs.

This new device has a high resolution 9MP sensor combined with the Intel Pentium QUAD core processor. Together, they deliver image acquisition at 32 frames per second along with dynamic and adjustable focus. These features allow the AV900 to excel in several applications from inbound to sorting on large conveyors at high speed. 

The 9MP sensor provides a 40% larger field of view allowing enterprises to use fewer devices to cover the same area when compared to 5MP units, greatly reducing the overall system cost.

Unlike other adjustable focus devices that can only be defined during the installation or tuning process, the AV900 has extensive focusing capabilities including:

  • Unique Sequential two-zone focus: the AV900 can go between two different preset zones. This is ideal for sorting objects in bomb bay sorters or code reading on a pallet where focusing device are not mounted.
  • Dynamic Focusing: Interfacing with a focusing device such as a sensor, light curtain or dimensioner providing the best reading capabilities on objects of different dimensions at high-speed.

These flexible, dynamic focus capabilities greatly increase the depth of focus, the quality of the images and provide excellent performance over a wide range of applications. This is especially useful for hard-to-read bar codes.

The high-quality image capability coupled with a dedicated high speed ethernet port for image transfer makes AV900 ideally suited for OCR, video coding applications and postprocessing inspection analysis.

Other features such as continuous frame acquisition, no-flashing white or red integrated illumination, and coloured spot indicator make the AV900 image-based code reader the perfect solution for operator attended applications. This includes manual object presentation in overhead scanning mode, manual conveyor loading or pallet traceability.

The AV900 seamlessly integrates with other products in AV family that can be combined to deliver a top performance traceability solution at the lowest system cost. The AV900 includes new automatic software-based redundancy and configuration sharing with the complete line of Datalogic AV cameras. These features greatly reduce system down time and make easy to install new units.

Interfacing and monitoring the AV900 is easy. The device is compatible with Datalogic’s WebSentinel PLUS for real-time performance monitoring. Moreover, it can be interfaced to major industrial networks such as Fieldbus and PROFINET. It can interface with Ethernet IP enabled PLC’s through two Ethernet TCP/IP and two serial communication interfaces.

The new Datalogic AV900 raises the standard for industrial and logistics applications. Integrators and enterprises in transportation, logistics, distribution and airports can easily create solutions that reap the benefits of maximised traceability and more efficient processes for a reduced Total Cost of Ownership.

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