SYSPRO releases significant updates to ERP solution


Manufacturing and distribution businesses are set to benefit from optimised production processes, enhanced traceability and new digital tax automation as SYSPRO makes significant upgrades to its industry-built Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

SYSPRO 8, an application that is tailored towards industrial sectors and distributed in the UK and Europe by K3 Syspro, has been further enhanced to help manufacturers gain greater visibility of supply chains. A powerful new update has been made to the Product Recall feature, which adds the ability to allow any traceable parent item (Lot of Serial) that has been receipted into stock by any means, to be easily identified for rapid recalls. In addition, it continues to provide the ability to regularly test the system through Mock Recalls. Benefits of this capability include the accelerated time to product recall completion, improved governance and the ability to meet regulatory reporting requirements.

In addition, improved transaction rights have been added to SYSPRO Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), allowing the rights of the user to be limited by the administrator.  Only approved users will be able to undertake shop floor transactions, while unauthorised users will only be able to view transactions – improving control and governance. The latest version also incorporates additional customisable features. For example, SYSPRO MOM extends and enriches ERP systems by uniting the planning and production processes. This helps quickly and easily create flow, measure performance, connect machines and increase output and margins through the elimination of loss. This feature has extended language capabilities and now supports French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

As more countries transition towards electronic tax submissions, SYSPRO along with K3 have enhanced support for Making Tax Digital (MTD) and will include the 9-box return for the United Kingdom (UK).This allows for the extraction of tax data electronically for improved electronic tax submissions. Additionally, there will be enhanced tracking and monitoring of tax receipts, along with improved security measures embedded within the architecture.

Security within SYSPRO has also been bolstered with the introduction of SQL Encryption in Motion. Data Encryption in Motion ensures that eavesdroppers and hackers can’t see what data is being transmitted. This is particularly useful for private and sensitive information, but also for all information sent between SYSPRO and SQL Servers.

Speaking of the new updates to SYPRO 8, which is already available for users, the organisation’s Chief Product Officer, Paulo de Matos, commented: “The latest release will offer extended capabilities, which will optimise production processes and can ultimately result in greater productivity and faster time to value.

“In developing our latest release, superior system performance and user experience were of paramount importance. We wanted to improve customer experience and fundamental operational processes for our customers who are at the heart of our business.”

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