Celonis puts AI to work with launch of new operational applications


Celonis has launched the next generation of its platform, enabling customers and partners to develop purpose-built Operational Applications.

At Celosphere Live, Celonis’ second annual customer conference with more than 15,000 registrants, the company demonstrated the platform and unveiled the first two of many new Operational Applications to come, one for Accounts Payable and one for Materials Management in Supply Chain.

Celonis Operational Applications combine Celonis’ market-leading process mining engine with business context, AI, and automation to sense friction in processes and take intelligent action to optimize business operations for the desired outcome. The role-based applications embed AI into each step of a business operation. Executives set business priorities by KPI and the Celonis Process AI Engine automates tasks in systems, prescribes guidance to employees, and prioritises workflows to achieve the desired outcome.

 “Celonis has been the pioneer in moving process mining from theory into becoming the B2B solution for frictionless operations at an unprecedented scale,” said Alexander Rinke, co-founder and co-CEO of Celonis. “With the launch of the next-generation platform for Operational Applications, we are leveraging the full potential of AI-enhanced process mining – not as a way to supplant the human workers but to instead make their jobs enjoyable and productive. Operational Applications connect to enterprise systems in real time to put AI to work directly in your operations, so you can react as the market shifts. We can now say to customers: it’s as simple as this, you set your desired business outcomes and we’ll steer you to it.”

Put AI to Work in Your Operations

The new portfolio of Operational Applications extends Celonis’ AI-powered process mining technology to engage people and systems to operate in an outcome-driven manner.

  • Sense: The Celonis Process AI Engine analyses all of the process data residing in source systems and desktops to surface process ‘blockers’ that prevent the desired outcome. AI and Machine Learning combine to sense anomalies and signal intelligent real-time actions in context, thus providing process guidance, work reprioritization, and specific actions using data intelligence from 2000+ Celonis deployments.
  • Act: Automation enables rapid action through out-of-the-box skills that translate insights into deliberate tasks that users activate at the touch of a button or that systems drive without user involvement.

Industry Leaders Excited about Embracing New Way to Work

HFS Founder and CEO Phil Fersht said, “Celonis has been the industry pioneer that has elevated process mining to the forefront of the strategic operations narrative. Expanding into operational apps with this powerful focus on analytics and intelligent automation drives a compelling process orchestration proposition in a challenging market crying out for this capability.”

Sam Covell, Chief Procurement Officer for Genpact, says: “Celonis continues to develop exciting new capabilities and operational apps that will help drive positive outcomes for both Genpact and our clients.” 

“I am convinced that the new Celonis Operational App for Accounts Payable will enable our organisation to bring both process efficiency and process robustness to an even higher level,” said Justin Pawlowski, Head of Internal Audit at ALSO – THE TECHNOLOGY PROVIDER. “Value drivers are addressing friction on a transactional level in a more timely way, benefiting from data- and process-insights-driven priorities for day-to-day operations and putting different organisational levels into the position of monitoring this highly digitised process even more efficiently.”

During her keynote at Celosphere Live, Chief Product Officer Hala Zeine noted: “Celonis has democratised process knowledge for every employee who touches a process. It shows the employee not only what happened, but why and where it happened. Celonis then works alongside the transaction systems to enable everyone to focus on the desired business outcome, to sense friction along the way and decisively act and eliminate repetitive tasks and decisions. The end result is that departments have a better understanding of how their KPIs connect to the processes that drive them. They now have the means to take the actions in real time that will deliver optimal business outcomes.”

Anyone Can Build Operational Applications

The Operational Applications are supported by real-time Data Connectivity, a must-have capability, which Celonis also unveiled as generally available. Real-time Data Connectivity enables Celonis to extract and analyse data from traditional source-systems including SAP, Salesforce, and ServiceNow in real time to sense friction and provide in-process, in-context real time actions for operational users.

The enhanced platform provides the foundational capabilities for customers and partners to build their own purpose-built Operational Applications, leveraging Celonis’ powerful AI-enhanced platform. At Celosphere Live, Celonis CTO and co-founder Martin Klenk will demonstrate how to build an Operational Application from scratch.

First Operational Applications for Accounts Payable and Materials Management in Supply Chain Drive Priority Outcomes Like Cash Preservation and Customer Satisfaction

The first Operational Applications built on the enhanced Celonis platform are designed explicitly to enable frictionless Accounts Payable and Materials Management in Supply Chain operations, two of the most mission-critical areas in any enterprise. Both are immediately available and Fresenius Kabi - a Celonis co-innovation customer - showcased the Accounts Payable Operational Application at Celosphere Live. Celonis and its partners will continue to release additional solutions based on the new platform over the next year, including Operational Applications for Procurement, Accounts Receivable, Opportunity Management, Customer Service, and some industry specific use cases. 

Jan Fuhr, Process Mining Lead at Fresenius Kabi, stated: “I am confident that the new Celonis Operational Application for Accounts Payable will accelerate our day-to-day operations on a level that was never there before - from automating repetitive tasks to combining data and insights in order to really bring forward day-to-day results.”

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