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Slot booking is widely regarded as one of the most important elements of a modern transportation process.

It’s a vital touchpoint for warehouses, carriers and shippers,and businesses which optimize their loading and unloading gain a huge competitive advantage. Many shippers focus their TMS on shipment planning and execution, but for the most savvy shippers, a key focus of this process is also slot booking.

What can Alpega do for your business?

Alpega TMS is a global, modular, cloud-based Transportation Management Software. It helps shippers, logistics providers and carriers optimise and differentiate their business. Alpega TMS seamlessly integrates your enterprise software with all your partners, locally or across the globe.

Alpega TMS is a platform for:

  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Managing carrier network
  • Planning and executing orders
  • Automating dock scheduling
  • Freight and cost auditing
  • Monitoring and evaluating carriers

In terms of cost, avoiding congestion and not having trucks waiting around is a real saver, not to mention the time and money that can be recouped by automating the process. And let’s not forget increased customer satisfaction rates.

In this ebook, our experts look at:

  • Slot booking’s importance in the supply chain
  • How we designed Alpega’s new Smart Booking solution
  • Best practices and cutting edge technology
  • Optimizing slot booking in the retail sector


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