Retailer Rami Levy increase productivity by 25% and eradicates order processing errors with Zetes

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Rami Levy, a leading retail chain in Israel, implemented ZetesMedea warehouse execution solution to improve efficiency in its new warehouse.

The need for agility and efficiency

Rami Levy was founded in 1967 and is one of Israel’s largest retailers employing 7,000 people and serving 2.5 million customers annually. For their new warehouse, one of the largest in the country, Rami Levy was looking for a solution that would increase efficiency and reduce the order processing error rate.

Rami Levy, Owner and CEO comments: “The size of our new warehouse called for an agile solution that would help us streamline our operations to achieve a higher efficiency gain. ZetesMedea Voice proved to be the best fit for our needs. We were immediately convinced by Zetes’ expertise in implementing similar projects for other retailers”.

Untrained system

ZetesMedea Voice is an industry leading multi-modal solution enabling the operator to not only receive voice commands but also confirmed onscreen and through scanning when required. The solution is meant for optimising warehouse fulfilment. Equipped with a headset and a terminal, order pickers can work completely eyes- and hands-free.

“Our operators are way more efficient with ZetesMedea Voice they just follow the instructions, pick and confirm the items. Thanks to the Zetes solution, we get a near zero-error rate in our order preparation process. Also, the system is very user-friendly and straightforward and doesn’t require prior training. We are saving a lot of time, especially when we have new people on-board. They are up and running in no time and this was really a decision factor for us”, says Rami Levy.  

Main benefits

After only 6 months, the company observed significant benefits:

  • 99.9% picking accuracy
  • 10% decrease in warehouse costs
  • 25% increase in overall productivity
  • Faster training of newly hired operators
  • 15% increase in productivity of new operators

If you would like to know more about this project, you can watch the video case study here.

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