Worldwide OSAT manufacturing sites database now tracks 360 facilities, expands test site coverage


SEMI and TechSearch International have announced a new edition of the Worldwide OSAT Manufacturing Sites Database – claimed to be the only outsourced semiconductor assembly and testing (OSAT) supplier database available in the market.

The report, a useful business tool for anyone interested in device packaging, tracks facilities that provide packaging and testing services to the semiconductor industry. 

The new edition includes more than 80 updates spanning packaging technology offerings, product specialization and ownership/shareholder updates. Adding more than 30 new test facility additions to bring the total number of facilities tracked to 360, the database helps semiconductor manufacturers identify service offerings around the globe, an increasingly important task in supply chain management.

The Worldwide OSAT Manufacturing Sites Database reveals that while wire bond remains the largest volume interconnect by number of packages, the advanced packaging technologies such as bumping, wafer-level packaging, flip-chip assembly have seen tremendous growth. On the application side, mobile devices, HPC and 5G are expected to continue to drive innovation in the OSAT industry. The database also shows rising investment in advanced packaging and new test capabilities for 5G.

Combining the expertise of SEMI and TechSearch International, the Worldwide OSAT Manufacturing Sites Database update also features a section listing the revenues of the world’s top 20 OSAT companies in 2017 and 2018 and captures changes in technology capabilities and service offerings at various facilities. 

The Worldwide OSAT Manufacturing Sites Database

is a comprehensive report offering insights into global OSAT facilities in China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas. The report highlights new and emerging packaging offerings by manufacturing locations and companies. Specific details tracked include:  

  • Plant site location, technology, and capability: Packaging, Test, and other product specializations, such as sensor, automotive and power devices are highlighted.
  • Packaging assembly service offered: BGA, specific leadframe type such as QFP, QFN, SO, flip-chip bumping, WLP, Modules/SIP, and sensors.
  • New manufacturing sites announced, planned or under construction.

Tracking advances in packaging technology – which directly affects chip performance, reliability and cost – requires understanding company offerings by location. Key features of the updated report include:

  • More than 120 companies and 360 facilities
  • More than 200 facilities with test capabilities
  • Over 90 facilities offering leadframe CSP
  • Over 50 bumping facilities, including 30 with 300mm wafer bumping capacity
  • More than 50 facilities offering WLCSP technology
  • New facilities offering FOWLP and FOPLP
  • More than 100 facilities in China, approximately 100 in Taiwan and 43 in Southeast Asia

The database findings are based on information gathered and compiled from over 120 companies globally. All information in the Worldwide OSAT Manufacturing Sites Database was gathered by SEMI and TechSearch International. Report licenses are available for single-user and multi-users. SEMI members save 16 percent or more depending on the type of licence.

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