Mixmove helped 3M to reduce transport cost by 35%


Mixmove, the digital cloud service for logistics, is aiming for growth in Europe, as the company´s Match-solution provides proven benefits for efficient logistics operations. Recently, 3M saw a 35% decrease in transport costs.

  • The transport sector is lagging behind on digital solutions, fearing large start-up investments and difficult implementation processes. With Mixmove Match, we enable manufacturers and shippers a quick and risk-free way to go digital and realize massive cost savings in the process, said Knut Fredrik Ramstad, CEO of Mixmove.

Mixmove originated from an EU-project, which aimed to facilitate efficient and sustainable logistics operations.

  • 20% of all trucks on the roads in Europe are empty and the rest are filled only 50% on average. With track-and-trace on parcel level and complete transparency throughout the supply-chain, we help bundle freight flows to improve utilization rate. This could mean cost savings of 100 to 300 billion Euros per year for the sector. In 3M´s case, they reduced transport costs by 35%, said Ramstad.

3M improved their fill rate with 90% on long haul and increased delivery accuracy in the process, resulting in higher delivery satisfaction and massively reduced costs.

  • The logistics industry needs to go digital to survive – and Mixmove represents the future of global logistics. By enabling digital technology for collaboration between partners and clients, we can and will change the industry. We unblock inefficiencies, reduce cost and reduce the carbon footprint as well.

Mixmove´s first mover technology is a software-as-a-service, enabling companies to become digital in an efficient and agile manner, without large start-up investments or massive integration processes.

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