4 Reasons Why Security Seals are Essential for the Aviation Industry


The aviation industry is vital to the health of world trade and logistics. Manufacturers rely on airlines daily to get their products and people where they need to be.

Over the past few decades, there has been a significant shift in the use of security seals on aircrafts. Previously, they were used to monitor theft or tampering with goods in catering carts and other items sold on airplanes. Now, threats against commercial aviation have made security seals critical for the safe operation of airlines.

Here are 4 reasons why the aviation industry must utilize the highest quality security seals.

1.The high volume of cargo

There is a high volume of cargo moving through an airport at any given time. Without proper monitoring or detection devices, there is no way to know that the equipment, fuel, luggage, and other materials on board have not been tampered with. Security seals and related devices are a key tool in tamper detection. In the aviation industry, nothing can be left to chance.

2.The number of different items that require security measures

Various operations within the aviation industry require security, much more so than in the past. For example, cargo and luggage containers are sealed with plastic padlock seals to protect shipments, while carts accessed by onboard crew require similar seals that also can be opened without tools.

Stronger seals are necessary to protect valves, storage areas, and other less frequently accessed areas. Tamper evident tape and adhesive labels help seal stretch-wrapped cargo or cargo on pallets. Application goes as far as aircraft doors and hatches to deter and detect attempts of unauthorized entrance.

3.The number of people involved in the industry

When people have intention to commit a crime, they often know enough to cover their tracks. A low-tech or simple method of security can often be outsmarted or avoided. Security and tamper evident seals help airlines to ensure that doesn’t happen.

There are many different types of seals, each with their own procedures for handling, inspection, and disposal. There are key markings, color codes, and other identifiers that make it so that people who are authorized to handle the items can do so, and there is clear evidence of attempts at unauthorized access.  They are apparent and can be quickly detected by trained personnel.

4.The regulatory requirements

The aviation industry is one of the most tightly-regulated industries. There are complex standards for maintenance, performance, safety, food, equipment, luggage, and so much more, that there is absolutely no room for error. The smallest deviation from safety standards can be disastrous for the airline company and dangerous for staff and passengers.

Therefore, you can’t trust just anyone with your aviation safety needs. You need a company with an expert staff and decades of knowledge that can provide the most comprehensive product offering and customization capabilities.

Companies like American Casting and Manufacturing have over 100 years of experience with products that can meet any aviation need.

Don’t take any chances in this high-risk industry; trust a leading security seals company to keep passengers and crews safe.

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