EBE announces enhancements to its Connect Mobile Capture (CMC) application


EBE Technologies, the transportation-specific workflow and business process management applications provider, has announced the latest round of enhancements to its Connect Mobile Capture (CMC) solution.

As an alternative to in-cab, truck stop, or terminal scanning, CMC is a fleet mobility solution that allows drivers to capture and submit documents and photos via their smartphone or tablet and offers a multitude of integration capabilities, including dispatch, training partners' mobile applications, and payroll.

The latest updates to the application build on its current features to further improve image capture and optimization. The Image Optimization feature built into the application allows drivers to submit high-quality images the first time, reducing the need for company staff to call the driver to request rescans. In addition, the optimisation process minimizes data consumption by reducing file sizes to 50-60 kilobytes, which reduces the costs associated with data plans. Drivers will further benefit from optimal border recognition for automated cropping prior to sending their trip documents. These enhancements provide the ability for trucking company staff to bill in near-real-time, while carriers have the opportunity to pay their drivers more quickly to improve driver satisfaction and retention.

Some of EBE's clients are already seeing significant return on investment through their adoption of this mobile application. Contrans Corp., a major Canadian carrier with over 2,000 trucks in its fleet, has improved their profitability by expediting their billing process and reducing their potential for fines at the US-Canadian border. "EBE's Fleet Mobility solution has been a big win for us. With EBE we reduced our monthly data charges since images are optimized and compressed BEFORE they are sent. Additionally, we have been able to speed up the billing process by as much as two weeks for our long-haul loads and our drivers are much happier with this new solution compared to our previous process," said Darren Levine, VP of Information Technology at Contrans Corp.

Another EBE client, Bellavance Trucking, was experiencing significant delays in their billing process prior to implementing the CMC application. The one-to-two-week lag time between delivery and billing was impacting many facets of their operation, including cashflow and customer and driver satisfaction. "The implementation of EBE's Connect Mobile Capture solution has proven invaluable in our efforts to reduce costs and improve efficiency in our organization. The reduction in our time-to-bill metrics since we began using Connect Mobile Capture has been impressive. Same-day billing no longer seems like a long-term goal but a reasonable expectation and a mark we plan to hit by year end. I would absolutely recommend this tool to any organization looking for a mobile document imaging application," said Ben Wilkens, Director of IT at Bellavance Trucking.

"Now more than ever, drivers want innovative ways to perform their daily duties efficiently. We continue to improve the CMC application not only to promote operational efficiencies, but also to enhance the driver's experience using the application. These latest improvements encourage driver participation in the paperwork submittal process, leading to increased driver retention as well as back-office process automation," stated Larry Kerr, President of EBE Technologies.

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