CURIUM optimises its sales forecasts with DynaSys Demand Planning in the Cloud


DynaSys, provider of demand & supply chain planning (DSCP) solutions, has announced that CURIUM, formerly IBA Molecular, has implemented DynaSys Cloud Demand Planning to optimize its sales forecasts.

This is the first step in instituting a complete cultural turnaround for the company, establishing comprehensive planning solutions, augmenting the current S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning) process and supporting CURIUM's supply chain development. DynaSys is a division of QAD Inc.

Headquartered in Paris, CURIUM is a leader in the field of nuclear medicine. It sells radioactive products for the diagnosis of a variety of illnesses, as well as several therapeutic medicines. CURIUM was formed by the merger of IBA Molecular and Mallinckrodt Nuclear Medicine LLC. CURIUM operates in 70 countries, generating turnover of US$600 million dollars with 1,500 employees.

Until 2016, CURIUM forecasted based on information from the prior year which was then interpreted by the CURIUM teams. This process may suffice in a business area considered to be "stable," but falls short of optimizing a company's supply chain. "We needed the ability to keep up with subtle differences in behaviour or changes in the market," said Nicolas Gruel, CURIUM's central demand manager. Radioactive products are costly and with delivery lead times averaging two months, CURIUM was determined to ensure reliable procurement management. That determination led to the company's decision to implement a sales forecast solution. CURIUM chose a cloud-based solution to prevent overloading the existing infrastructure, enabling CURIUM to focus its efforts on its core business and not on its IT systems.

"We were looking for an agile solution tailored to our needs, and cloud-based with comprehensive functional coverage," added Gruel. "After researching the providers in the marketplace, there were only two solutions that really met our specifications. We chose DynaSys because of its proven, flexible and robust technology, its expertise in our industry, its experience with the cloud, and its all-encompassing support in setting up our project."

The DynaSys solution has been implemented in all former IBA Molecular entities and will soon be set up in all CURIUM group facilities. "Not only does DynaSys provide us with indispensable input for our sales forecasts, the collaborative aspect of demand planning is essential for us to be responsive as a global organisation," added Gruel.

Despite DynaSys Cloud Demand Planning only being in place for two months, CURIUM has already received several benefits:

  • Optimised structuring of in-house processes based on sales forecasts via demand planning
  • Training of forecasting specialists to refine and escalate information, and the addition of a central forecaster handling international activity and the wider distributor network
  • Increased medium and long-term visibility helping to anticipate production capacities and procurement requirements
  • Reliable statistics for radioactive products
  • Improved collaboration between facilities
  • Optimised network infrastructure management
  • Business processes have been structured to match the CURIUM S&OP approach

"Tomorrow, we will go even further," said Gruel. "We expect a return on investment in less than one year. As soon as demand planning is standardised across the group, we will look at how to improve our procurement processes. Finally, the major effort from now on will be the implementation of our S&OP process, which will be a significant aid to support our growth."

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