NetMotion delivers world’s first operational intelligence platform for enterprise mobility


NetMotion Software, provider of Mobile Performance and Operational Intelligence solutions, has announced what it describes as the world's first operational intelligence platform designed specifically for enterprise mobility.

NetMotion claims its software platform gives enterprises unprecedented visibility and control of their mobile deployment using previously untapped information on mobile devices. The software empowers IT by solving mobility problems automatically, enhancing mobile performance, ensuring security and compliancy, and controlling data usage and costs across any network.

"Industry trends are clear, workers are using multiple devices, spending more time working outside the corporate firewall and accessing real-time applications on networks that their corporations have no control or visibility into," said Christopher Kenessey, CEO, NetMotion Software. "Until now, enterprises could not assess the real-time health of their mobile deployment. Our software platform uniquely displays real-time data and using our policy capabilities, makes it possible to turn intelligence into actions that solve mobile issues, improve the performance and security of their workforces. Prior to our platform, this level of visibility and control didn't exist."

NetMotion's software gathers real-time data and analytics on mobile workers, Wi-Fi and cellular networks, applications and devices, providing a comprehensive view of the entire mobile deployment and enabling fine-grained control. The software can dynamically change application, device or networking configurations on any network to control user experience, application priority, security compliance, data usage and more. NetMotion turns devices into "data sensors" collecting and correlating data to understand the environment around them and dynamically react to changes to ensure quality of experience.

NetMotion's Operational Intelligence platform detects and solves a myriad of challenges faced by IT teams responsible for managing mobile workforces, including how to:

  • Troubleshoot and automatically solve performance problems outside of the corporate firewall between devices, applications, networks, and locations.
  • Monitor mobile network availability and throughput and automatically prioritise mission-critical application traffic.
  • Control mobile network usage by understanding which users and applications are consuming data, and enforcing access constraints to reduce costs and avoid data overages.
  • Detect security risks and anomalies and respond to threats and breaches with granular-level enforcement and control.
  • Speed up the resolution of mobile help desk tickets with automated troubleshooting to reduce the mean time to repair.

"Operational Intelligence platforms are an important development for enterprise IT teams giving them visibility and control of how end users, applications, devices, network infrastructure, and internal and external services all interact," commented Phil Hochmuth, Program Director, Enterprise Mobility, IDC. "NetMotion has applied the principles of operational intelligence to enterprise mobility. Enterprises can leverage the unique troves of data they collect including network and packet inspection, monitoring of user and application behaviour and network performance."

NetMotion's Operational Intelligence platform allows users to visualise data in dashboards including:

  • Performance: Robust visibility into the overall health of the mobile deployment. Monitor overall mobile connectivity and detection of problems experienced by mobile users using mobile and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Threat Defence: See a real-time snapshot of network traffic on mobile devices, including origin and destination countries, counties, cities, IP addresses and domains. Detect compromised devices exfiltrating company data, users of unsecured Wi-Fi networks, and users putting data at risk by not using a VPN.
  • Cost Control: Determine under- and over-utilised data plans to control mobile plan costs. Evaluate data volumes by application, device, or user. Verify return on investment for NetMotion products via a dashboard that quantifies avoided disruptions and security threats, productivity time saved, mitigated application and network issues, and reductions in network data usage.

Based in London UK, Vice President of Global Enterprise Research for CCS Insight, Nick McQuire, commented, "IT and Enterprise Mobility teams are designing their organisational infrastructure with an understanding that workers require real-time access to applications across any number of networks. However, there are few solutions that help enterprises easily visualise what is occurring across their mobile infrastructure in a meaningful way. NetMotion Operational Intelligence is aimed at addressing what we call the 'mobility blind spot'; by turning mobile devices into rich information sources, IT can better improve network and device performance as well as user experiences. In our view, mobile operational intelligence solutions will be crucial in helping IT organisations improve the visibility and reporting around enterprise mobility, which will become a vital asset in driving productivity, security and above all ROI over the next few years."

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