MARVIS: the one-stop solution by Datalogic for zero-defect marking and 100% readability of the code​


Datalogic, the automatic data capture and process automation solutions provider, has introduced MARVIS, claimed by the company to be the first solution dedicated to the integration of laser marking technology with direct part marking (DPM) validation.

MARVIS combines Datalogic's Laser Marking and AutoID products into a unified software environment, with a single GUI (Graphical User Interface) for setup, runtime and daily operations. This combined approach not only ensures user friendly operations but also unleashes innovative performances.

The MARVIS solution is dedicated to the most demanding industries where reliable traceability is a must such as Automotive. Part tracking and traceability are primary foundations of modern automotive supply processes, where countless safety-critical components are manufactured and have to be inspected and tracked from top to bottom to secure error-proof processes throughout the entire supply chain.

Traceability of medical devices is also becoming increasingly challenging requirement in the Healthcare industry, due to regulations and directives, that often expects labelers to conduct analysis and/or testing to determine the effect of direct marking on the safety and effectiveness of the device and to document the basis for such determination. Laser marking is indeed one of the preferred marking technologies to ensure counterfeit-proof traceability throughout the entire device life cycle.

Laser marking is the final step of the process chain; at this late stage of manufacturing, product scraps caused by incomplete or incorrect markings is extremely costly. Because of its integrated approach, the MARVIS solution automatically detects irregular amount of scraps, and, thanks to the improved SEQUENCE EDITOR, applies corrective action included the ability to RE-MARK the component.

MARVIS is a complete solution based on AREX, VLASE and UNIQ, Datalogic's well-known laser marking products and the full MATRIX family of readers, with a full set of accessories and configurations to approach virtually any kind of "Mark and Validate" process. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Laser and Reader setup and graphics editing, is among the key features as well as the GOOD/ BAD Digital Output for easy parts selection. The solution comes with a simplified installation kit, equipped with an external lighting system and an object-oriented property browser, both for Laser and Reader parameters.

Among the benefits of this one-stop solution is the innovative Code Quality Training and Quality Grade Metric Profile (QGP) for code quality classification and the unified run-time interface for layout selection, daily operations, marking/grading statistics and history. The MARVIS solution allows manufacturers to reach zero-defect marking and to ensure 100% readability of the code, down to a batch of one.

Cosimo Capuzzello, General Manager Manufacturing Industry, said: "The MARVIS Solution strengthens Datalogic's position in complying with customer and market mandates for service, safety, and process improvement purposes, through state-of-the art technology research. Indeed, Datalogic also filed a provisional application for the invention "Code Quality Training and Quality Grade Metric Profile (QGP)", of which we are extremely proud and confident that will be greatly appreciated by the market."

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