How can digitalisation drive delivery operations to evolve?


By Maarten Hemmes, CarPal CEO & Founder.

Re-imagining logistics requires adaptability and constantly ensuring companies are aware of the trends in last-mile delivery. More companies from the logistics space are facing rapid change, as digitisation is becoming more prevalent and customer expectations are higher.

In 2018, we foresee managing deliveries to gain more traction through automation, digitalisation and personalisation. To help companies become more efficient and have more visibility into their operations, the supply chain needs to become more sustainable – and technology will remain the driving force that helps companies overcome their challenges, but tech is not enough. Companies will have to become more innovative and implement new strategies that allow them to stand out from competitors.

Last-mile delivery platforms will have to enable such companies to enter the on-demand space by providing the right vision, expertise and tools to help them execute it. Apart from tech being at the centre of this ecosystem, some of the new developments we foresee will make an impact in the logistics industry will be:

  • Renting urban warehouse spaces for easy access to products and fast deliveries
  • Democratising fleets to achieve a higher fulfilment rate
  • Leveraging data to plan better deliveries in the future to create a more sustainable ecosystem

Today, we have identified that for a company to thrive, it's not only needed to adopt new technology to make processes more efficient, but one of the most important aspects is how willing your stakeholders are to adapt to change, and what is needed to make the execution easier.

At CarPal, ever since we started operating in Singapore, we focused on creating a hub of learning and encouraged our team to use tech to automate and ultimately work smarter.

Through our very own in-house tech, we managed to learn the benefits of working with automated processes to perform daily deliveries.

Many of the hurdles about choosing the right strategy for companies' delivery operations cannot be solved only with the help of technology, but with a suite of services that companies can plug-n-play based on their requirements and needs.

Product Information

CarPal's journey began in 2014, when we started off as a same-day delivery service company, which focuses on delivering goods around the city in a fast, flexible and reliable way. Today, we are taking innovation one step further. Our innovations include a new product that enables companies to succeed through efficiency and scalability working with one single intuitive dashboard and key features that use smart algorithms.

CarPal Fleet works at the intersection of technology, innovation and design. Tech represents the driving force of our business, pushing us to make a difference in the market and help solve companies' challenges.

Through a set of smart algorithms that literally make processes more efficient and an intuitive dashboard which clearly visualises daily operations workflows, our product aims to digilitalise operations and push companies to scale faster. Our core features have the purpose to offer full visibility and control over delivery operations and fast-track processes for more efficiency and scalability.

  • Offering 360° visibility in one intuitive dashboard

We have created a sleek dashboard, which doubles as a 'control tower' to help organise all deliveries in one place and have overview of the entire operations flow.

  • Redefining route optimisation

Our technology includes smart algorithms like geofencing, AI and Machine Learning, to automatically and accurately match orders to drivers thus minimising the workload, streamlining processes, and ensuring resources are efficiently utilized.

  • Scheduling the right drivers based on preference and availability

We facilitate easy planning, assigning and managing orders in a repository which allows businesses to visualise all jobs and automatically assign them to the available drivers thus creating a transparent order fulfilment cycle.

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