Reactive Downhole Tools selects Epicor ERP to support ongoing growth


Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry specific enterprise software to promote business growth, today announced Reactive Downhole Tools has chosen its global enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Epicor ERP, to accelerate business growth through inter-departmental connectivity and collaboration.

Reactive Downhole Tools is working with Aspera Solutions, a long-standing, valued Epicor partner, to support Reactive with implementation of their Epicor ERP solution.

Reactive Downhole Tools, founded in the UK in 2012, is a well-established provider of high performance, swellable, rubber technology. Its products, such as a bespoke line of open hole completion products, have become mainstays of the oil and gas drilling industries.

The company has experienced rapid international growth since its inception. In 2014, it opened a plant in America which was soon followed by a new office in Norway and Abu Dhabi in 2015, and then a Brazilian office in 2016. In addition to this, Reactive Downhole Tools became a fully green and eco- friendly company in 2014.

This rapid growth has brought with it additional organisational challenges and highlighted the need for effective systems to aid collaborative working between all offices. When it started out, Reactive Downhole Tools was using two separate ERP systems, one for accounting in the UK and one for manufacturing in the US. As the business grew it became more evident that these systems did not interact well, central information became fragmented and was hard to share across the whole company.

Taran Paice, ERP project manager at Reactive Downhole Tools said, "When we were managing the business using multiple systems, cross-functional collaboration was a challenge, as was sharing data effectively. This made it very difficult to establish an overall real-time view of what was happening inside the company. We needed a system that enabled us to significantly improve our access to information across the whole organisation to make better informed and real-time business decisions for growth."

After an extensive and competitive evaluation process, and following a recommendation from one of Reactive Downhole Tool's business partners who was already using Epicor ERP to great effect, the decision was made to go with Epicor ERP. The flexibility of Epicor ERP, which also offers a high level of customisation, alongside the technical expertise and manufacturing-specific experience of Aspera Solutions, made it the stand out choice for the management team.

When asked about Reactive Downhole Tools experience with Aspera Solutions Taran said, "Aspera Consultants have shown a high technical knowledge of the software and have been available to answer questions and provide guidance when we've needed it, helping to ensure a smooth transition into using Epicor ERP."

David York, regional vice president for the UK and Ireland, Epicor Software commented, "Innovation is a mainstay of the oil and gas industry and Reactive Downhole Tools is a leading example of a pioneering business in this space. With Epicor ERP and the proven industry expertise shared by Epicor and Aspera, we are able to help the business retain its competitive edge, through advanced data visibility that supports better business decisions, significantly streamlines business processes, and delivers the agility that will enable Reactive Downhole Tools to continue to evolve and grow successfully."

Taran concluded, "By implementing Epicor ERP we are already seeing tangible benefits to our business. The sales team is able to forecast and plan more effectively and we are also able to cost jobs and manage stock more accurately. We anticipate that this is just the start and look forward to seeing how the solution takes us forward".

"Working with agile and innovative businesses such as Reactive Downhole Tools provides challenges that our team relish. It ensures Aspera continues to provide relevant solutions to support businesses commercial needs. We look forward to helping Reactive Downhole Tools extract continuing value from their investment in Epicor ERP," said Lonan Byrne, managing director, at Aspera Solutions.

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