METTLER TOLEDO Safeline develops new fully integrated conveyorised metal detection system


Industrial metal detectors can bring important benefits to the production line for food, non-food and pharmaceutical applications.

They allow manufacturers to fulfil their regulatory requirements by providing a fully tested and reliable product inspection program. They also increase consumer safety and quality assurance, by ensuring manufacturers are producing the highest quality and safest products.

Having a stable, reliable and highly sensitive metal detector within a production line is important. However, having an integrated conveyorised metal detection system provides far greater benefits. Supplementing that system with electronic data collection software takes it one step further to ensure manufacturers have a fully integrated process solution that enhances compliance and increases production efficiency.

METTLER TOLEDO Safeline has developed a series of conveyors which can be seamlessly integrated into a production line to improve the effectiveness of a manufacturer's metal detection program. Each system comes with a number of key features:

Tailored solutions for specific applications

Each system is tailored to suit specific production needs, from light (9kg) to heavy (50kg) food, to non-food applications such as packaging, and can be integrated with Safeline's extensive range of metal detectors which have a longstanding reputation for reliability and stability. Manufacturers can choose from compact solutions for small spaces with the Series 30 conveyor, right through to the Series 200 conveyor which is engineered for bulk product inspection. The newest addition to the portfolio is the Series 90 – a wide retracting band system designed specifically for inspecting light to medium weight, multi-lane or randomly presented bakery and confectionery products and packs. A design service is also available to develop bespoke solutions tailored to more demanding applications.

Enhanced features to increase productivity

Safeline's metal detector systems have a number of enhanced features to provide flexible solutions suited to the application on the production line. Each system uses a reject device from a wide range of available options - from simple 'stop-on-detection' systems through to fully-automated detect-and-reject systems. Pushers and air blast devices are suitable for light to medium-weight products, with overhead sweep and diverter arms for heavier products.

To improve security and ensure contaminated products are effectively removed from the production line, failsafe system options and other due diligence features are available to make sure the metal detectors continue to operate reliably and efficiently. A choice of finishes and sealing standards are also available to suit the working environment.

Robust design and safe operation

To protect operators during production and support safe maintenance practices, attention is paid to every detail of the conveyorized system design. These include guards manufactured from clear, shatter-proof material without sharp edges, a safety valve fitted as standard on all pneumatics and guarded in-feed and out-feed rollers which minimizes the risk of finger traps.

Safeline's conveyor systems are designed to worker health and safety standards including the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, are built to robust construction standards, and are manufactured to the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) principles. Systems can be supplied with a detailed risk assessment to ensure manufacturers fully comply with these safety standards.

Electronic data collection

All Safeline metal detection systems are compatible with Mettler-Toledo's ProdX data management software, making processes more streamlined, more accessible and more efficient. Innovative ProdX software automatically collects critical inspection process data in one convenient location, significantly reducing the need to interact directly with critical control points (CCPs). ProdX also facilitates faster set-up between production batches and is able to convey advance warnings generated by product inspection devices of adverse trends that may lead to downtime and threaten the efficiency of the production line.

A conveyorized metal detection system is much more than a modified transport conveyor. The design of both the conveyor and the auto-reject device will have a major impact on the effectiveness of a production line. Purchasing an integrated metal detection solution from one supplier enables equipment performance to be maximized. With Mettler-Toledo's global service team delivering local support, manufacturers can ensure their product inspection equipment is operating efficiently over its lifetime to maximize the return on investment.

Jon Denis, Product Manager at Mettler-Toledo Safeline says: "Having an integrated metal detection system provides many benefits to the production line. Whichever conveyor system you choose, integration with the metal detector should enhance the effectiveness of your critical control points and failsafe functionality. Reject mechanisms and due diligence features optimize your metal detection program and support compliance with food safety standards and industry regulations."

Conveyorized metal detection systems provide flexible, integrated handling solutions capable of operating in almost any working environment. Whether the product is wet or dry, chilled or frozen, loose or packed, an integrated metal detection conveyor system allows manufacturers to resolve any metal contamination related inspection challenge.

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