Proactive Solutions helps to keep the Reynolds fleet on the road


Goodyear Proactive Solutions, the vehicle-to-fleet operations management system, has helped a leading UK distributor of fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy and cheese, reduce its tyre costs by almost 25%.

Reynolds, which is based in Waltham Cross, London, was keen to sign up to the system to help it mitigate against rising costs on its 234-vehicle fleet, which includes 19 trailers, local and regional haulage plus some logistic deliveries.

Proactive Solutions, which features advanced telematics and predictive analytics technology, uses intelligent computer algorithms, a wealth of data derived from Goodyear's extensive commercial tyre and service business, and clear, accurate reporting, to enable fleet operators to identify and resolve tyre-related and potential safety issues before they happen.

It also enables fleets to monitor their vehicles and tyres in real time, affording them a competitive advantage while helping to increase their profitability and operate more sustainably in a rapidly changing environment.

Reynolds, which operates across the UK as it fulfils next-day delivery services to the food service and catering industries, said it was introduced to Goodyear Proactive Solutions when it was researching options for reducing the miles-per-gallon on the trunking fleet and cut down its overall tyre costs.

Steve White, head of fleet support for Reynolds, said it was impressed with the system and recognised immediate benefits when it implemented the TPMS solution with automated alarms system on eight of its trailers.

The TPMS system collects and tracks real-time data on the pressure and temperature of a fleet's tyres, identifying inadequate inflation, air leaks and mechanical problems. It also enables fleet managers to receive alerts and detailed reports on incident risks and schedule maintenance operations.

"We had highlighted that a major concern was tyre issues on the double-deck trailers, with blow outs and constant tread damage caused by low tyre pressure," he said.

"Since introducing Goodyear Proactive Solutions, we experienced fewer tyre punctures and tread damage, seen a 25% reduction in tyre costs on our double-deck trailers and recorded a significant improvement in roadside tyre issues.

"Although improved miles per gallon was hard to define, the technology highlighted a number of issues around maintenance and tyre management, which is an important consideration for any fleet manager. We've certainly benefitted from using Goodyear Proactive Solutions and the feedback has been positive. For us, it is the ideal support for the front line trunking fleet and would recommend it, especially on double-deck trailers."

Goodyear designed and developed Proactive Solutions with commercial fleet operators with the aim of increasing fleet efficiency by avoiding up to 75% of tyre-related breakdowns. The system helps to reduce the total cost of operations by cutting fuel costs up to £300 per vehicle, per month and decreasing tyre maintenance costs by up to 70%. It also improves a vehicle's carbon footprint by using about 10% less fuel.

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