Mobileye brings driver alerting technology to UK logistics fleets


Mobileye is rolling out its automated driver alerting technology to logistics fleets across the UK after trials showed how the automated driver alerts can reduce collisions and cut 'at fault' accidents.

The technology provides automated aural and visual warnings to drivers in real time if they're at risk of a collision with another vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist. Unlike other safety systems, Mobileye alerts a driver before an incident, enabling them to take avoiding action. The technology works on 'last mile' delivery vans as well as larger vehicles moving between hubs.

One UK fleet that had an average of one 'at fault' collision per month in the previous 18 months reduced their collision rate to zero during a three month trial of Mobileye's technology.

The system can be installed on small and medium sized vans in just a few hours and for as little as £600 per vehicle. As well as warning against imminent collisions, Mobileye detects unintended lane departure, speeding and driving an unsafe distance from the vehicle in front. Mobileye's built-in software continually analyses images from its cameras, processing tens of billions of operations every second.

Gil Ayalon, Mobileye's Regional Director for Europe said: "Mobileye is the brains behind semi-autonomous and driver assistance capabilities for the majority of new vehicles coming off the automotive industry's production lines. But our driver alerting technology can be installed on any small or large logistics vehicle currently on the road today, bringing the same safety benefits for a fraction of the cost of renewing the vehicle."

Mobileye has been working with several fleets in both the public and private sector to trial Mobileye's latest forward facing camera and alert system, as well as the company's Shield+ product which adds blind spot detection on both the driver and passenger side. Shield+ is designed for larger vehicles, especially those that drive in urban areas.

Fleets involved in the trial also saw their fuel costs cut as safer driving improved the vehicles' overall fuel efficiency. As well as providing real time driver alerts, Mobileye's systems can also integrate with telematics systems, providing enhanced data on driving performance to fleet managers.

Mobileye is the driving force behind the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) offered by more than 25 vehicle manufacturers around the world. The same technology powers the retrofitted driver alerting technology that can be installed on any vehicle already on the road.

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