De Rijke serves customers faster and more efficiently with BluJay Solutions’ platform


Logistics service provider De Rijke has implemented BluJay Solutions' integrated transportation management and warehouse management software to manage its logistics, transportation, storage, and customs.

BluJay supports the broad range of De Rijke services in the Netherlands and Belgium, helping to ensure that the organisation is digitally fit. In the past months, two divisions – dry bulk and international transport – have gone live at De Rijke.

With the go-lives and BluJay's software, De Rijke makes a significant move from traditional transport company to logistics service provider. The strategic focus of the logistics service provider lies with supply chain management. De Rijke operates as chain director, which means that the organisation fully organises logistics solutions for its customers.

BluJay delivers a complete replacement of legacy software systems. "Implementing one system enables us to quickly communicate with customers and suppliers and quickly enter data into the system," says Erik Schurgers, CFO at De Rijke. "With the BluJay platform, we take a huge step in efficiency and we can much better digitise information flows."

A number of De Rijke customers communicate by means of dashboarding and web portals and, with the help of data that the service provider registers with BluJay software, De Rijke provides customers with information quickly and efficiently. In addition, De Rijke will handle complaints for its customers and report this back to the customer. The organisation also provides big data analysis to keep the customer informed of changes in the supply chain. In this context, De Rijke also takes on a consultancy role and keeps customers fully informed about the shipments.

"For us, being digitally fit is very important," continues Schurgers. "In 2013, we put out a tender and BluJay was chosen as the software vendor. The supply chain supplier thinks along with us and whenever complex updates are required, BluJay develops these and incorporates them into the standard solution. We defined key features of the system and BluJay incorporated all of them into the platform. In this way, the platform is constantly evolving and other BluJay customers can benefit from this as well. Our organisation is becoming more efficient thanks to the commitment of our own logistics experts and to BluJay."

De Rijke now offers more transparency in the operational processes, making information available quickly, transparently, and safely. This is essential for the organisation to stay ahead of the competition and to provide customers with constant real-time insights. Mohit Paul, SVP Sales EMEA at BluJay Solutions said: "We are pleased that we can support De Rijke in providing their customer service. In addition, thanks to this collaboration, we can further expand and perfect our system, so we can serve our customers even better."

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