PodsystemM2M and Anytrek respond to growing trend in 'strategic' cargo theft through covert tracking device


Cybercriminals are not limited to hackers on the web. Businesses lose more than US $55bn a year due to interruptions in the supply chain according to a report from BSI.*

One of the biggest causes of this loss in revenue is cargo theft and criminals are becoming increasingly savvy at detecting and disabling tracking devices used to prevent this type of crime. New technology available to criminals makes these 'strategic' thefts more difficult to prevent.

PodsystemM2M, the global expert in IoT connectivity and innovation and Anytrek, a designer and manufacturer of GPS tracking systems for the trucking and logistics market have today announced an agreement to include IoT SIM cards in covert tracking devices specifically designed to reduce cargo theft in trailers and heavy trucks.

The TrackLight™ GPS Tracker is disguised as a standard truck 4" tail light. Inside the lamp case is a powerful GPS tracking module connected via a 3G modem, ensuring location updates are received reliably and accurately. Fully configurable, TrackLight is connected to the trailer or truck using the standard PL-3 plug; and the built-in Lithium Ion battery provides up to 3 months of location reporting with automatic notifications of changed conditions. Even with all this technology, the TrackLight uses less than half the power of a normal incandescent tail light. TrackLight is the ultimate covert trailer tracker and a short time ago was instrumental in the detection, arrest and recovery of a quarter of a million dollars worth of cargo, plus truck and trailer.

The IoT SIM cards developed by PodsystemM2M ensure uninterrupted transfer of data from the sensors to the central processing point. This mission critical connectivity is made possible by the integral application which allows the SIM card to swap between IMSIs (network profiles) automatically, should the card lose its signal due to a technical difficulty on one of the networks. Avoiding any failure in the connectivity of the device ensures maximum coverage and constant data flow to the central management interface.

Reliable connectivity was paramount to Anytrek's selection of provider, "Podsystem's innovative solution was one of the main reasons we chose to work with them and why we will continue to do so," comments Mario Veronese, Marketing Director at Anytrek Corp in California. "Their system just works.

Sam Colley, CEO of Podsystem Inc. added: "As criminal groups become more sophisticated Anytrek is keeping one step ahead by developing covert technology to protect valuable cargos. The key to ensuring that cargos are safe and can be located at all times is in the mission critical connectivity solution we provide through our IoT SIM cards."

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