CDO’s CATS expands to iOS devices


CDO Technologies, Inc. of Dayton, Ohio, creators of the Critical Asset Tracking Solution (CATS) has announced support of the AsReader UHF RFID Readers/Writers.

End users may now use the iPhone®, iPod Touch and iPad equipped with an AsReader RFID reader/writer and the CATS application to inventory UHF band RFID tagged assets.

"Many of us have experienced frustrating situations where important tools or expensive machinery are misplaced in warehouses or left out in the field," said Robert Zielinski, CDO Technologies' director of commercial marketing. "The CATS system can help workers locate tagged items quickly and efficiently, helping companies save on employee search time, product and tool replacement-- and relationships."

CDO's Critical Asset Tracking Solution is used by private and public companies to facilitate tracking and finding manufactured products and tools in warehouses and out in the field. Missing items such as tools, equipment, client files, electronic components or customer information can drastically hinder workflow efficiency and be costly to an organisation. Using CATS to capture an asset's Last Known Location and leveraging an RFID device's capability to quickly "zero in" on missing items dramatically shortens search-time and reduces costs.

"As a global technology firm, AsReader understands the importance of visibility and data analysis," stated Robert Yount, AsReader senior account executive. "Providing an affordable RFID solution for millions of iOS users to leverage CATS to track and find assets will greatly benefit today's organizations."

Current CATS users are already considering AsReader's compact devices to more frequently capture asset information between manufacturing and customer delivery, to more rapidly locate specific items in inventory storage, and to identify specialty tools in use during production or calibration. By cost effectively adding visibility points to an asset's travel path, these organizations will better serve their customers, increase production capability, and reduce replacement costs.

CDO Technologies supports a complete portfolio of Automatic Identification Data Capture (AIDC) technology and mobility solutions for federal, municipal, commercial and education markets. AIDC solutions help improve the visibility, accuracy, and efficiency of logistics, asset management, manufacturing, healthcare, and customer service operations.

AsReader, Inc. manufactures modular UHF RFID sleds and "gun style" units that are tightly integrated with iOS smart devices with reading ranges of short (3 feet), medium (15 feet) and long (32 plus feet). AsReader is a member of the RAIN global alliance and is compliant with the GS1 UHF Gen2 protocol and others.

"Since CDO Critical Asset Tracking Solution was first commercialized roughly two years ago, we have seen the application used by a variety of industries to radically evolve their businesses," said Zielinski. "By supporting AsReader devices, organisations will be even better prepared to serve their customers and deploy Internet of Things (IoT) benefits."

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