OnGrade presents its upgraded telematics system OverSite - records data in the Cloud to analyse causes of collision near-misses


Understanding the cause of a near miss or accident can help prevent it happening again. OnGrade, supplier of site safety tool SiteZone, has re-launched its upgraded OverSite telematics package which gives Site and Health and Safety Managers insights into the safety practices of on-site workers.

To complement the proximity warning system, SiteZone, OverSite transmits any activity related to the SiteZone system to the cloud.

SiteZone uses Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) technology to warn pedestrians and drivers of each other's presence. This is supported by their safety awareness campaign slogan 'Don't burst the bubble'. Using vibration as well as audio and visual alerts, SiteZone lets the driver know when a pedestrian is close to the vehicle and warns the pedestrian that their safety is compromised.

OverSite, has been developed and fine-tuned in partnership with Trakm8; it collects essential data from SiteZone in the event of a zone breach to help managers monitor and improve site safety. Customers have full access to the system via their dedicated log-in, which enables them to view information such as the number of unauthorised entries into a safety zone and a real-time display of length of time spent within them. By generating this information, performance reports can be created to highlight key issues within specified zones or specific personnel safety breaches.

The live data shows the location of the machine, identifies the associated vehicle operator's SiteZone tag, and if any other SiteZone tags are active in the relevant safety zone. The report function collates all the data which allows Site and Health & Safety Managers to see how sites are performing, and if workers are following the requisite safety practices.

Having access to such detailed data allows companies to monitor behavioural change relating to vehicle/equipment and personnel interaction on site. Based on this information, positive interventions can be made and re-training provided, as necessary. It also enables consistent monitoring of potential safety breach "hot spots" on site where plant and personnel are often working in close proximity to help reduce risk of further incidents.

John Watkins, Executive Chairman of Trakm8, said, "We are pleased OverSite is utilising Trakm8's leading data insights to log safety breach incidents. Using a cloud-based system such as Trakm8's means managers can track multiple sites without the logistical implications. This practical information can help to identify training needs and track progress towards company safety goals."

Gary Escott, Director of OnGrade highlights the other progressive effects of using OverSite: "OverSite informs key managers about what happened, with whom, where and when. The data collected from SiteZone can be used to monitor behavioural change in the users. Recently, a report commissioned by a major contractor who uses SiteZone, reflected an increase in positive attitudes to work when operating in or near mobile plant. Workers felt more secure when using SiteZone."

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