ESSential BI software improves efficiency and profitability for logistics businesses


Enterprise Software, the IT and management information provider for the logistics industry, has used its ESSential BI tool to help Canute Logistics to improve its profitability by more efficient operation.

Sally Gilder, of Enterprise Software explains: "ESSential BI is a management information tool which has been integrated into our TMS solution. It provides business intelligence around planning orders, building loads and route planning which allows logistics companies to plan their operations and analyse performance much more effectively and quickly."

Developed following six months of detailed evaluation, the tool can identify issues such as empty running and inefficient load planning, and provide the data to enable the logistics operator to improve efficiency, so making savings and improving profitability.

"ESSential BI has been a real game changer as it is hugely important for us to be able to guarantee consistency in operation for our customers", explains Alan Ringrose of Canute Logistics. "We have been using the system for the past 12 months and it has produced great results for us, improving performance across the board."

Canute Logistics, part of the Canute Group, operates from 14 depots across the UK and has found ESSential BI has not just improved driver and depot efficiency generally, but has delivered huge savings in terms of management time.

"The tool provides real-time information to enable us to make continuous improvement a reality. It is great for generating operational and KPI reports, providing flexible and dynamic information which enables us to react quickly.

"It saves a huge amount of management time – and is much more effective and accessible than creating and populating spreadsheets to create management information", adds Alan.

Canute has even used ESSential BI to help them identify the best strategic locations for their operations, ensuring optimum accessibility and efficiency.

Using the tool is also proving vital when it comes to tendering for and winning new business.

"In a recent pitch for new business having this tool was vital as the customer wanted to be able to access a shared dashboard with KPI and management information. If we hadn't been able to offer this via ESSential BI we may not have been able to meet the requirements of the Tender", explained Alan.

Logistics is a hugely competitive industry. Having instant and easy access to real-time management information which can also be shared with customers, to confirm a service level agreement is being met for example, is no longer a luxury but more a necessity.

"ESSential BI really opens up people's eyes to the potential of data for the effective management of their business", says Sally Gilder of Enterprise Software. "It can be used in various ways by all departments of a business; providing increased efficiency in operational planning, as a communication tool to share information with customers, and even as a strategic planning tool to pinpoint the optimum location of depots – as Canute have demonstrated.

"Information is power, and providing data via ESSential BI empowers our customers to make the right decisions for their business, ensuring maximum efficiency and profitability", concludes Sally.

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