Manufacturing sector accuses IT vendors of too much hype and jargon

A survey commissioned by managed data service provider, Six Degrees Group, has found that there is a growing sense of discontent among both IT and business decision makers within the manufacturing sector, in relation to how technology service companies are promoting and selling cloud services.

Findings among IT decision makers

  • 96% feel that 'cloud-washing' by marketing departments at technology brands is an increasing problem
  • 92% feel that their cloud service provider doesn't understand their needs well and only focus on generic needs
  • 92% feel that cloud service providers could do more to demystify the cloud
  • 84% of IT decision makers say that their cloud-computing provider is not listening to them
  • Almost one third (32%) believe that cloud services are too rigid and inflexible
  • Only 8% agree that cloud service providers understood their needs well
  • 52% feel that there is room for improvement

The survey also highlighted that senior management and board level executives feel baffled by the amount of new phrases and jargon that they are expected to keep up with.  Respondents felt that IT firms were twice as bad as Financial Services organisations for using waffle and confusing acronyms.

Findings among business decision makers

  • Over half (68%) believe that technology companies are guilty of using too much jargon, compared to 14% for politicians, 12% for financial services and only 12% for lawyers
  • 24% think that Platform as a Service (PaaS) was a new philosophy in railway management and 20% think it is a new social networking concept
  • 18% think that Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a new road project
  • 24% think that cloud computing is a free WiFi service for Internet access in public places

Six Degrees Group conducted the research to try and benchmark where key business stakeholders are in terms of understanding cloud computing.  Whilst the majority of IT decision makers have a broad understanding of the concept of cloud computing, they are still struggling to cut through the marketing hype around the application of the technology, the real benefits and threats to their business.  Cloud service providers appear to be offering what they think customers need, not what they actually want.

Aiming to bring some clarity to the market, Six Degrees Group has created a dedicated website, 'Up to the Cloud' which features a unique 'decision tree' that will help businesses to understand the ideal hosting solution for their needs, instead of forcing a 'one-size-fits-all' approach on them to help educate businesses on what the cloud really is and what it has to offer.

Campbell Williams, group strategy and director at Six Degrees Group, comments, "The lack of service flexibility and confusing jargon is clearly having an impact on the reputation of the technology industry.  Businesses are being told that everything is fine and promises are being made that issues can be solved.  However, the problem now is that businesses no longer believe what they are hearing and the industry is losing credibility."

He continued, "Cloud computing has the potential to be one of biggest technology revolutions in manufacturing since the Internet.  Everyone's talking about it and it is such a shame that businesses have to work so hard to figure it out.  To some extent, every single business surveyed believed that they were a victim of cloud-washing.  It is a big issue and needs to be tackled."

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    Great article with great representation of not only the manufacturing sector, but I believe this is happening in all verticals of the supply chain! I have also found this article very interesting in relation to this article http://

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