Zetes Visidot helps Saulais cut shipment verification time from 7 to 2 minutes

Saulais, the French plant seedlings producer, has expanded its use of Zetes' Visidot verification system. Saulais saw significant process improvements after implementing Visidot, which was initially installed in 2008 to improve shipment verification and now achieves 100% accuracy levels on customer order deliveries, with shipments checked in record time.
Saulais operates a fleet of 1300 trolleys (rolls) to store plants being delivered to customers. During its busiest periods,  During its busiest periods, up to 470 rolls containing 19 racks of honeycomb trays (reusable plastic plant trays), each of which can hold up to 57 different plant varieties, are shipped every day. Before implementing Visidot, delivery paperwork needed to be verified by 2 people who checked off goods by hand. This process was time consuming, mistakes were made and monitoring of returnable packaging items - trays to be returned to Saulais after delivery to the customer - was unsatisfactory.

Speed, efficiency, and customer satisfaction

In 2008, the Company implemented Zetes' Visidot digital imaging technology solution to resolve this problem. Using Visidot, each tray of seedlings making up a roll is identified using 2 Datamatrix labels: the first label contains product identification data and the second contains tray return data. Upon despatch, rolls are placed in a cubicle equipped with cameras. Sensors detect the Datamatrix codes in just a few seconds, regardless of located and direction, and even pick up labels which are partially out of sight or damaged. The system then compares the roll's contents with items specified on the customer's original order, records return labels, photographs the order and logs the information on the Visidot server. Photographic evidence is stored for 6 months and can be examined in the event of a dispute. Finally, the delivery docket and invoice are generated automatically, thus completing the solution's traceability process.
The inspection stage has been made much easier for operators, thanks to real-time alerts generated in the event of discrepancies. In addition, traceability of returnable packaging has been greatly improved, which translates into considerable cost savings.  And ultimately, customers benefit from faster, 100% accurate, order delivery.

A solution that became even more efficient over time

In 2011, Saulais purchased a second Visidot cubicle to sustain its operational needs as the business continued to expand.
Commenting on behalf of Saulais, Mr Maël Rétif, Overland Shipments Manager said, "Zetes has continued to develop its solution and we benefit from the improvements made to the Visidot system. For example, a third camera has been added and interpretation times are now shorter. The total verification operation, between handling and correction of any preparation errors, doesn't take more than 2 minutes per roll, whereas previously the average was 7."  He continues, "Nowadays it is impossible for a customer to receive an incorrect tray, if any discrepancy does occur, it must have arisen when placing the order."
Mr Saulais, the company's Founder and Managing Director said "Elimination of errors, time savings, very high traceability levels and more satisfied customers - for us, installing the Visidot cubicles has been a major step forward and a guarantee of quality that we regularly mention in our sales literature." He concludes, "It goes without saying that other sites we open in the future will also be equipped with Zetes' system."
Alain Wirtz, CEO of Zetes says, "Visidot is a unique solution, fully developed by Zetes and extremely efficient. It ensures big improvements to shipment verification accuracy and can also be used for checking incoming shipments ("scan-to-stock"), sequencing and checking production, quality control and traceability of returnable packaging."

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