Resistance is futile - Change Management

My new automatic Thought-Translator (the TT2000) is brilliant.  My wife recently asked me "would you like a cup of tea, darling?"  I just typed the sentence into the translator and hit enter.  In a split second, the screen displayed what she was really thinking: "I fancy a cup of tea.  Make me one."

Husbands, put your cheque books away.  The TT2000 is not for sale.  In fact, it has not been invented (yet).  But would such a device not be handy?  It would spell the end of all misunderstandings between man and woman?  Come to think of it, it would be just as handy in business.  Picture the scenario.  You put forward a suggestion that will get your business on the road towards a really effective Sales & Operations Planning process.  Yes, it will require people to work differently, with more transparency and discipline.  It will be worth it though, giving a better link between processes and, ultimately, reduced costs.  So you are keen to hear the response from your colleagues.  Just for clarity, you are also putting them through the automatic Thought-Translator.

You are told: Im completely in favour of this change, but my department is different - I dont think it will work here.  Yet the screen of the TT2000 displays Change is great for everyone else; just dont come anywhere near me!.  Another one claims I love the idea but the timing is wrong we need to do this when the business can give it the attention it deserves.  The TT2000 says I dont want to do this and if I slow it down enough it will go away altogether.  Another colleague whispers in your ear: I am with you on this 100% but there are people in this business who are not.  TT2000 rectifies: you can count on me to get in your way on this!

Pushing for change is one of the toughest challenges that Supply Chain professionals face today.  They have no truth-telling machine but the trick is to identify what from colleagues is resistance and what is opposition.  The former is passive; the latter is active.  You can overcome the former through better mutual understanding.  You must never waste your energy trying to convince the latter.  Once on board, the former will be your biggest ally!

As for me, my wife is asking if I like her new dress.  TT2000, help me!

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