2010 Shenzhen International RFID & Internet of Things Technologies and Application Exhibition

Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre

Exhibition Date: June 24 26. 2010

The Internet of Things is a network of Internet-enabled objects, together with web services that interact with these objects. Underlying the Internet of Things are technologies such as RFID (radio frequency identification), sensors, short range communication and smart phones.

As well as the new types of functionalities it will enable, such as health monitoring by Internet fridges, the sheer amount of new data about an object should lead to better quality goods and better decision-making by consumers. For example when you buy a loaf of bread from the grocery store, it will have its own RFID tag - which theoretically can tell you when it was produced, when it was packaged, how long it traveled to get to the store, whether the temperature during its travel was optimal, the pricing history of the product, what the precise ingredients are and associated health benefits (or dangers), and much more information.

During Chinese Premier Wen Jiabaos visit to the CAS Wuxi Hi-tech Micronano Sensor Network Engineering and Technology R&D Centre On 7-9 August 2009, he pointed out that homegrown information companies must make breakthroughs in the key technologies of Internet of Things and China will march into the information age with the support of post-IP era technologies. He also said that China should build its own sensing information centre or Sensing Centre of China. On 1 November, more than 40 companies and institutions formed an Internet of Things industrial alliance in the Chinese Silicon Valley, planning to build up the country's Internet of Things industrial centre.

In early 2009, at a roundtable held after US president Obama assumed his post, he listed Internet of Things and renewable energy as two edge tools to revitalise the economy.

China Mobile Ltd. President Wang Jianzhou reiterated that his company would focus on Internet of Things in the future, while China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd. Board Chairman Chang Xiaobing also expressed a similar view, saying that Internet of Things will become a potential field of the mobile communications market. Zhu Hongren, the official spokesperson of Chinas Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, recently emphasised that China will pay utmost attention to the development and research of the Internet of Things.

What is 2010 IOTE?

Shenzhen International Internet of Things Expo (IOTE) is a showcasing and trading platform for the whole industry chain of IOT?RFID technologies,RFID tag/reader/middleware manufacturing & development, NFC, Short Range Communication, Wireless Sensor Network, and their application in Automation, Logistic, Anti-counterfeit, Asset Management, Fashion, Library, Smart Home, and etc. Since its first outing in 2008, the scale of this expo has expanded rapidly. It concentrates a great deal of the latest technologies, R&D results and products in the world RFID industry.


Products Exhibited

1. RFID Chip (Compliant with LF, ISO15693, ISO14443, ISO18000)
2. RFID label antenna (made of aluminum, sliver, copper, and etc), productive machine of RFID label antenna
3. RFID standard cards or RFID labels
4. Special RFID tags (with special form, or applied in extremely environments)
5. Manufacturing machine of RFID card or labels
6. Conductive Silver Paste, Battery, permeability magnetic material, microwave absorbing material
7. RFID testing and measuring devices
8. RFID reader chips (UHF, HF, LF, compliant with ISO standards or protocols)
9. RFID reader module (UHF, HF, LF, compliant with ISO standards or protocols)
10. RFID reader (UHF, HF, LF, compliant with ISO standards or protocols)
11. RFID reader antenna (UHF, HF, LF)
12. RFID handheld Reader, PDA, Forklift-mountable RFID reader
13. Active RFID products and systems (433MHz, 900MHz, 2.45GHz, 5.8GHz active tag, reader, antenna and system)
14. RFID middleware
15. NFC technologies and products
16. Short range communication technologies: Zigbee chip, Zigbee communication module, Zigbee networks, GPS, RTLS, Bluetooth, UWB
17. EPC network: EPC tagging, EPC middleware, EPC sever, EPC service platform
18. Sensor Network

Application and success cases exhibited

1. IOT solutions and applications in logistics, supply chain, inventory management
2. IOT solutions and applications in work-in-process manufacturing, trace and track, schedule monitoring, quality assurance.
3. IOT solutions and applications in monitoring and tracking expensive commodities & dangerous items, and anti-counterfeiting
4. IOT tickets applications in meetings, concerts and resorts
5. IOT solutions and applications in parking and toll payment, vehicle tracking
6. IOT solutions and applications in personnel tracking and locating
7. IOT solutions and applications in animal identification, food security
8. IOT solutions and applications in IT assets' tracking and locating
9. IOT solutions and applications in library management
10. IOT garment solutions and applications
11. IOT military solutions and applications
12. IOT retail solutions and applications
13. IOT social security solutions and applications
14. IOT smart home solutions and applications

http://www.rfidworld.com.cn, http://www.rfidglobal.org

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