Phishing attacks rise as recession bites now 50 per cent of all virus threats

Phishing attacks now account for just over 50 per cent of all virus threats, according to new figures from managed security firm, Network Box. This figure (50.6 per cent) is the highest it has been so far this year, and is up from 33 per cent one month ago.

The top source of viruses is the US, which this month accounts for just over 21 (21.66) per cent of the worlds viruses. This figure is significantly higher than at the start of the year, when the US produced between 13 and 15 per cent of viruses.

Simon Heron, Internet Security Analyst at Network Box, says that companies should review some basic security measures when the economy is depressed: A poor economy means greater numbers of disgruntled employees, desperate individuals trying to make money and increased opportunity as we become more technologically enabled. 

Heron is clear that common sense measures can be enough to keep a company protected. Prevention is much cheaper than cure. There are simple steps that companies can follow. Dont send out unencrypted financial information. Educate your employees not to fall victim to phishing scams. And have an acceptable usage policy in place across the company.

Korea continues to offer a significant threat in the number of viruses it produces: nearly 11 (10.9) per cent in March, roughly the same as in February.  China is responsible for 5.3 per cent of viruses, and 5.5 per cent of all spam.

Top Ten Viruses in March 2009

Threat Name                                                                    Daily Average %

spam.phish.url                                                                  44.73148
can-2003-0161                                                                  10.82046
nbh-bscript                                                                       7.74237                                         5.05475
virus.win32.virut.a                                                             4.92471
email-worm.win32.netsky.q                                                1.26128                                         1.24897
nbh-biframe                                                                      1.14121
policy_prohibits_'exe'_nested_at                                       1.10497                                             0.83508

Top Ten Trojans

trojan-spy.html.fraud.gen                                                  0.00591                                                            0.00562
trojan-spy.win32.zbot.pfo                                                  0.00297
trojan-spy.win32.zbot.oqr                                                  0.00180                                   0.00164
trojan-dropper.win32.agent.aild                                          0.00149
trojan-spy.win32.zbot.qfw                                                 0.00136
trojan-spy.win32.zbot.ogz                                                 0.00107
trojan.win32.buzus.arqx                                                     0.00083
trojan.win32.buzus.anqt                                                     0.00069

Top Ten Intrusions

NETBIOS                                                                         33.10517
BOGON                                                                           10.82133
PINGFLOOD                                                                    0.68241
HTTP-S-WEBDAV                                                             0.16311
ICMP                                                                               0.04177
HTTP-S-WEBDEX                                                             0.01150
SOBIG-F                                                                          0.00965
HTTP-S-NIMDA                                                                 0.00505
HTTP-S-UNIXATTACK                                                       0.00395
HTTP-S-WEBATTACK                                                       0.00115


Top Ten Sources of Viruses

Country                                                                           Daily Average %
US                                                                                   21.66573
Korea                                                                              10.93322
China                                                                               5.34325
Australis                                                                          4.79261
Turkey                                                                              3.94928
UK                                                                                   3.48845
Russia                                                                             3.34362
Brazil                                                                               2.86155
Malaysia                                                                          2.52469
Ukraine                                                                            2.49456


Top Ten Sources of Spam

US                                                                                   14.65640
Australis                                                                          6.95789
Brazil                                                                               6.66301
China                                                                               5.59941
Turkey                                                                              4.66634
Korea                                                                              4.51776
Spain                                                                               3.61917
Poland                                                                             3.23578
UK                                                                                   3.16629
India                                                                                3.01593

Top Ten Sources of Intrusions

Korea                                                                              27.24312
Australia                                                                          9.35326
US                                                                                   9.12707
China                                                                               5.98898
Malaysia                                                                          5.82169
Hong Kong                                                                      4.08056
Brazil                                                                               3.86302
Turkey                                                                              2.43046
Japan                                                                              2.28530
Poland                                                                             1.83634


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