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Arredo 3 delivers kitchens to its clients faster and more accurately with Datalogic Mobile PDAs and mobile computers

Arredo 3 is a modern business based in Venice, Italy, which has been involved in the custom design and production of contemporary high-style kitchens for the upper end of the market since the mid-1980s.

Arredo 3 kitchens are built from made-to-measure wooden panels with customised assembly. Semi-finished and finished products (ovens, dishwashers, tiles, sinks, etc.) are stored in the warehouses and assembled to the client's specifications. The materials are then loaded onto a goods vehicle ready for shipment. In the past, this phase was handled manually based on packing lists and relied on the expertise of operators and carriers. This led to a variety of problems. Often, not all the material was loaded onto the goods vehicle or delivered to the correct client.

To resolve these problems, Arredo 3 turned to Algoritmo, a Datalogic Mobile Accredited Reseller specialising in industrial automation software, which has amassed a vast amount of knowledge regarding mobile issues over the years. Algoritmo suggested a solution to Arredo 3 based on the use of Datalogic Mobile products, chosen for their tried-and-tested reliability - even in hostile working environments - and for their barcode scanning capability.

Datalogic Mobiles rugged mobile computers have, in fact, been proven able to function in dusty and humid conditions, as well as in low temperatures, withstanding knocks against metal parts (refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, etc.) or drops onto concrete. As the inside of a container is often dark, this can make barcode scanning difficult, for example due to reflections on the plastic. Datalogic Mobile products have been proven to work better than others in difficult light conditions and with the shrink-wrap materials used for packaging. Algoritmo had already tested the recommended products and the software was developed, maximising their potential benefits.

To load goods vehicles, Algoritmo has come up with a procedure that provides information in real time about the loading process using 10 Datalogic Mobile Viper-Net mobile computers with a direct radio uplink to the management database, interconnected by Wi-Fi network throughout the site. The operator can see both the package status, order and load status on the color screen of the Viper-Net.

This solution gives Arredo 3 a real-time view of the packages loaded, missing or rejected for each load, client and order. By carefully scanning the packages being loaded, the operator can spot any anomalies, such as non-sequential packages, packages from another load or already loaded, or incomplete orders and deliveries. It also offers the possibility of checking a load using any terminal and combining packages during vehicle loading. In this way, the operator does not need to concentrate on the order being loaded, but only on the correct arrangement of packages in the vehicle container and therefore the optimization of the load. No paperwork or PCs are needed, since all operations can be carried out directly from the mobile computer.

For unloading on arrival at the client's home,14 professional Datalogic Jet PDAs are used., These carry a compact local version of the database via wireless network and allow the delivery to be checked using local data. This ensures that all packages in the order are unloaded: by carefully scanning the packages being unloaded, the operator can spot any anomalies, e.g. faulty packages, packages belonging to another client or incomplete deliveries. On his return, the carrier enters the data in the operating system by wireless network. Using the terminal, the operator can even download and upload data outside office hours (since deliveries often leave at night). Downloaded data can be consulted by all delivery personnel.

This solution has brought about immediate improvements at Arredo 3. Loading operations have become faster and more reliable, with benefits for the production and dispatch offices. The dispatch office now has access to real-time loading status, while the production office can organise recovery of packages that were missing or rejected during loading. Even carriers have noticed benefits in terms of loading times, since the status of the unloaded goods is known without having to consult the packing list. In general, thanks to careful control during loading and unloading, Arredo 3 has seen a considerable reduction in the number of complaints regarding incorrect or missing items. This translates into an improvement in the quality offered to the end user, who is now guaranteed greater precision, speed and punctuality.

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