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t+t netcom uses high-performance GSM/GPRS module from Telit for reliable data and voice transmission on its hand-held device.

The rapid passing-on of information is virtually inseparable from every aspect of the modern business world. The instant and smooth exchange of data for further processing is crucial when it comes to the acceleration and smooth handling of business processing. t+t netcom GmbH, a solution provider in the field of goods logistics, telematics and telemetry, is therefore using M2M modules from the Italian communications specialists Telit for its mobile product solutions. By using the high-quality yet reasonably priced GSM/GPRS module in the tt7000 hand-held computer, t+t netcom can guarantee reliable data and voice transfer without the need for any additional equipment.

Weve all been there. The postman rings the doorbell to deliver a parcel. To confirm the delivery, he asks you for a signature. This is given using a small pen on the plastic touchscreen of a hand held device. That way, the reliable delivery of the shipped item is documented electronically. On his way back to the van, the courier can then notify the head office automatically using a GSM/GPRS modem built into the device that the recipient has received the package. The process has thus been completed successfully. No additional input or manual read-out of data is required.

Tailored to the customer
The tt7000 from t+t netcom is just such a device. It has now become an essential aid for courier, express, postal and delivery services. However, the hand held device is also tailored to individual customers needs, particularly those of warehouse administrators and security personnel who need to monitor goods, people or buildings. Since the base unit is flexible in terms of the features it can offer, even the most diverse areas of application can be covered.

The hand held's modular construction concept facilitates the integration of a range of components for any number of mobile applications while at the same time keeping costs down. The base unit forms the root of the product family. Customer-specific demands can be incorporated just as easily into the mobile application as subsequent expansions. The devices do not need to be replaced. Thanks to their modular construction, they can just be added onto. This means that the device can be put together in line with the customer's wishes. It is extremely flexible in terms of interfaces and can be equipped with various transponder readers or scanners. Depending on the circumstances, it can also be fitted with GSM/GPRS or GPS. "As a result, our customer is not provided with a 'universal' solution with functions that he'll never use. This makes our products extremely interesting, not least from a cost perspective, says Dr. Bernd Fuhrmann, Technical Director at t+t netcom, explaining the advantages of the hand-held series.

Small, stable and inexpensive
The core of the device in the Communicator tt7000C design, the version for use on the move, is the high-performance GSM/GPRS tri-band GM862-PCS module from the Italian M2M specialist Telit. The module can be integrated easily into all industrial applications that support reliable machine-to-machine communication and facilitates both the transfer of data and voice without any additional equipment. It is the piece of the jigsaw in the device that creates the connection between the central computer and the hand-held device on the street via the public GSM network, explains Fuhrmann. In particular, the GM862 also satisfies the high demands that the sturdy tt7000C makes on each of its components in terms of stability and durability. This is because the module, measuring just 44 x 44 x 6.7 mm and weighing 23 grams, is resistant to extreme temperatures ranging from -30 C to +80 C. The simple-to-use data transfer function, made possible by the Telit-specific feature known as EASY GPRS & FTP which offers an integrated TCP/IP stack and FTP client, together with the excellent price/performance ratio and reliable support provided both by the distributor Round Solutions and Telits development department, were ultimately the deciding factors in t+t netcom's choice of Telits product.

Another major advantage came in the form of the laboratory that Telit provides its customers with for testing their devices free of charge and preparing them for official certification procedures. During the development phase of a product, countless changes are needed. That was the case with the tt7000 too. In this case, it turned out that the antenna had to be designed differently. This is only possible, however, in close cooperation with the module manufacturer. In situations like this, rapid feedback and positive collaboration is extremely important. Telit proved itself to be a very reliable partner, says Fuhrmann. A solution also had to be found to avoid making it necessary to remove the module from the device in the event of a software update. Here too, t+t netcom was able to count on Telit. The communications specialist assisted in the development of software that enables the module to be provided with the very latest update via the operating system.

Quality as the benchmark
Given the positive experience it had with Telit, t+t netcom will in future also be using Telits expertise and its latest generation of the GSM/GPRS module in its bid to comply with the RoHS Guideline (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). From 1st July 2006, the guideline bans the use of certain substances in the manufacture and processing of electronic equipment and components. The latest GM862 QUAD module satisfies these requirements in full. Whats more, its also quad-band-enabled. As it can be used in the frequency ranges from 824 MHz to 1900 MHz, it can be used anywhere in the world and is thus also suitable for the American market. Just like its predecessor model, it can withstand extreme temperatures and is ideal for the tt7000 series, which is designed for use under extreme working conditions. No projecting antennas, no unnecessary ports and protection against shocks, dust and damp will ensure a long service life. The sturdy and yet appealing design of the hand-held was honoured at CeBIT 2006 with the iF Design Award.

For us, quality comes first. We therefore have to be able to rely on the fact that the quality of the components used in the tt7000 matches our requirements. In Telit, we found a reliable partner that matches our high demands and delivers high-quality, powerful and yet affordable modules", says Fuhrmann, reiterating the reasons behind his decision to choose Telit as t+t netcoms business partner.

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