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INFORMATION: Free information is available from LXE on the subject in this story. Click here to request a copy

Steve Binder,  Managing Director, LXE UK talks about voice directed tools and applications.

Why is Voice growing in importance in Warehouse management?

Today's business applications are more complex and time-critical than ever before. Adaptability and multi-tasking have become industry buzzwords in recent years, and nowhere is this more necessary than in warehouse operations.

Increasingly, companies are recognising that voice systems offer significant benefits for a number of warehouse applications.

Voice systems leave a worker's hands free and eyes free to focus on the task at hand.  This single fact is an indication of the immediate time and productivity gains that can be realised with a well designed voice system.

What applications benefit more from a voice solution?

In the warehouse, voice systems are most appropriate in operations such as: Picking, Put-Away, Shorts Processing, Replenishment, Returns Processing

In applications where there is a context to the data, such as address information or condition, voice excels. Voice systems are frequently used in manufacturing quality programs to record defects.

Additionally, voice systems benefit any application where the item must be handled and evaluated to record its condition, disposition or destination.

How does a voice system interact with the Operator?

Voice systems require only a short learning curve and training regimen. Although voice systems are designed to recognise only specific words or phrases in addition to alphanumeric characters -- which might seem to be a chore to memorize -- voice prompts simplify a worker's routine by telling him or her exactly what to do and what input is required. The time required for training is mostly in training the voice system, not the worker; days of trainings now become hours.

What makes the LXE voice solution different?

There is a trend toward open systems these days and voice systems have kept pace. Many systems use Voice XML (VXML) to create application packages and host filtering software.

LXEs approach is open systems, in order to reduce the total cost of ownership.

Open systems offer companies greater flexibility when it is time to add features or change the behavior of the system. Modifications can usually be done at a lower cost since VoiceXML is open to everyone, and there is a growing pool of programmers with VXML experience. Open systems also provide a level of assurance that support will not suddenly disappear which may happen with proprietary systems.

How to select a Voice-Enabled Device?

In some companies, picking and other operations that could benefit from voice are performed 24 hours a day. For these applications, the LXE HX1 dedicated voice-enabled client device is the most cost-effective solution.

In most companies, however, many activities occur in blocks of time to coincide with inbound and outbound logistics schedules, company policies, employee availability, or other operational requirements.

In these situations, it is often more economical to consider voice-enabled mobile computers that are also equipped for bar code scanning, key entry and offer graphical user interfaces and touch screens that can be used in both voice and non-voice directed applications. 

LXE offers a full range of Hand held and vehicle mount computers which are voice-enabled thanks to the integration of ToughTalk technology. ToughTalk technology is LXEs name for a specialised combina­tion of LXEs trademark ruggedised system design, advanced audio circuitry and noise canceling techniques which enable LXE mobile computers to support todays industrial grade voice recognition applications

If you have further questions about voice applications, LXE, world leader in RF communication and mobile computing for logistics applications, has recently published a briefing Knowledge you need before purchasing voice-directed applications for your warehouse that clearly explains what you can expect from the implementation of a voice recognition system in your logistics operations.

The briefing paper is now available to you, free of charge, by emailing voice@lxe.com or, call the LXE marketing team on 01494 493703 with your details. 

INFORMATION: Free information is available from LXE on the subject in this story. Click here to request a copy

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