CMS Provides Real-Time Visibility of Military Consignments as They Move Through Multiple RFID Supply Chain Networks to the Front Lines

Savi Technology today announced  the general availability of the Savi SmartChain Consignment Management Solution (CMS), which enables military logisticians to manage consignments in real-time as they pass through their own RFID networks or through the interoperable RFID networks of allied defense forces.   For the first time, allied defense forces engaged in joint multi-national deployments can leverage each others RFID networks to provide seamless, real-time visibility of consignments from the factory to the foxhole.

CMS is a complete, integrated solution that bridges the visibility gaps of consignments as they move through military supply chain networks.  The lack of accurate information on the location and status of consignments has led to military supplies being misdirected, misplaced, delayed, or unnecessarily reordered.  Now, defense forces can precisely locate consignments as they transit through the supply chain, and accurately forecast when they will arrive at the frontline, ensuring that deployed forces are properly equipped at all times.

The RFID hardware used in CMS is compliant with ISO 18000-7 standards, and data carried on the tags as well as in the CMS software meets NATO Standardisation Agreements (STANAG).  As a result, the originator of RFID-tagged consignments can be identified when the tag is read in compatible RFID networks, operated by NATO or an allied nation.  Information on the location and status of consignments is then automatically updated in the CMS of the country originating the consignments.

It is our expectation that implementation of Savis Consignment Management Solution and our RFID network will dramatically improve the visibility of our shipments and improve the overall effectiveness of our supply chain operations, said Brigadier David McGahey Director-General of Materiels Systems for the Australia Defence Force.   The ability to track our consignments through the RFID networks of allies addresses the lack of visibility to consignments in the theater of operations when were engaged in joint multi-national deployments.  Were looking forward next year to having CMS operational to interoperate with the United States, United Kingdom and other allied nations involved in joint deployments.

The Consignment Management Solution for the first time provides defense forces with an integrated commercial off-the-shelf solution (COTS) that manages consignments through the entire supply chain, including those sections operated by allies in joint multi-national operations, said Chris Stephenson, Savis Senior Vice President of Marketing.  CMS builds on lessons learned in more than a decade of experience supporting our defense customers.

Heres how the fully integrated CMS solution works:

First, CMS leverages data stored on all types of Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) devices, including sensors, bar codes and RFID tags that are affixed to containers and other supply chain assets used to transport consignments.  These devices include Savis family of active RFID tags built on dual-frequency EchoPoint technology for short- and long-range data transmissions.

Second, the data transmitted by the Savi tags is automatically captured by Savi Fixed Readers (SR-650) or by handheld Savi Mobile Readers (SMR-650) as the tagged consignments pass through the supply chain.   The Savi Portable Deployment Kit (PDK), an integrated solution that can be carried by an individual, can be used in highly mobile, remote locations.

Third, real-time visibility of consignments is achieved as the data captured by readers is then automatically transmitted to the web-based Savi Consignment Management System, which is composed of the Savi SmartChain Site Manager, Savi SmartChain Enterprise Platform and SmartChain Consignment Management Application.  The Consignment Management System filters, processes and transforms the data into useful, feature-rich functionality, including:

Graphical maps to precisely search for and find consignments within their geographical location, analytical tools, and historical data to audit the journey of the consignment.  RFID network management functionality enabling military IT departments to monitor and manage the network, viding configuration and control of RFID devices and continuous monitoring of RFID and other devices on the network. Full consignment processing enabling logisticians to manage consignments and associated manifests, and tagged supplies nested in the consignments as they are created, repacked, consolidated or deconsolidated. Real-time alerts provided via email, phone or through CMS when planned or unplanned events occur, such as delays or misroutes.

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