Vocollect Voice-Directed Distribution offering Extends across Entire Warehouse

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Vocollect, the global leader in voice-directed work, today announced that it is expanding the functionality delivered by its Vocollect Voice-Directed Distribution offering, to include a number of new distribution centre applications, a new series of speech recognition headsets, and further functionality improvements to its industry leading Talkman­ wearable computer.

Vocollect's Voice-Directed Distribution improves warehouse and distribution centre performance by applying the latest in text-to-speech, speech recognition and wireless wearable computing technologies to facilitate one-to-one communication between workers and their warehouse management system (WMS). It works by translating assignments generated by the WMS into spoken commands that workers hear via a speech-recognition headset connected to the belt-worn Talkman wearable computer. Their spoken responses are then translated back into data and sent to the host computer via a wireless network. All the translations go back and forth instantaneously, creating a real-time, working dialogue between the worker and the WMS. Because Vocollect's wearable computers and headsets allow workers to use a very natural form of communication - speech - they can be more productive, more accurate, and safer as they move from task to task since they do not need to take additional time to focus on entering data into a hand-held device or to follow printed instructions.

"Through our new set of distribution centre applications and multiple innovations in our integrated family of products, Vocollect is continuing to set the pace in voice-directed work by offering more value to our customers in existing and new markets," said Larry Sweeney, vice president of product management and one of Vocollect's founders. "Vocollect's Voice-Directed Distribution delivers genuine, quantifiable results because we collaborate closely with our customers and their needs fuel our innovation as we continue to enhance and extend our family of products."

In the release of both Vocollect VoiceDirect and Vocollect VoiceLink 2.0 Management Software, the core set of applications has been expanded beyond voice-directed selection to include other critical distribution functions, including put-away, replenishment, inventory transfers and line-loading.

"With this new release of VoiceDirect and VoiceLink, Vocollect is expanding the use of voice-directed work to other warehouse applications and making those applications commercially available, supportable and repeatable," said Brad Wyland, software product manager for Vocollect. "Historically, Vocollect's voice-directed selection application has cut error rates in half, increased productivity by up to 35 percent, and delivered a return on investment in one year or less, with our expanded applications we expect to increase customer ROI even further."

Whether customers want to have a real-time link with their WMS or communicate via middleware, Vocollect provides a full application selection for either option. Both VoiceDirect and VoiceLink Management Software integrate with the WMS to guide warehouse personnel through their daily tasks. Vocollect VoiceDirect synchronises warehouse activities in real-time with the WMS, while Vocollect VoiceLink provides managers with a view into voice-directed application data and individual operator activities on the Talkman wearable computer via a middleware connection. VoiceLink data is batch loaded to the WMS on a regular basis.

The SR-30 Series Talkman High-Noise Headset, the company's latest addition to its growing line of speech recognition headsets, is designed for use with the company's Talkman mobile, wearable computer and is specifically engineered to offer comfort, performance and reliability in high-decibel industrial and distribution centre environments. The SR-30 Headset's ergonomic features include a light-weight design (just 200g/7oz), a flexible boom microphone immune to the effects of moisture and condensation, and an innovative three-position Speech GrooveT memory feature that enables users to adjust the microphone easily and repeatedly to their preferred position. The SR-30 Headset's padded, dual-strap headband evenly distributes the headset's weight to individual user preferences, while its stainless steel construction eliminates corrosion risk in moist environments. The SR-30 Headset meets International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) IP67 rating criteria.

"Our customers deploy Vocollect Voice-Directed Distribution to enhance productivity and accuracy regardless of the conditions that their workers function in," said Greg Holland, hardware product manager for Vocollect. "When those settings are a frozen foods store with loud blowers, or any other industrial setting where machinery creates high levels of noise, the SR-30 Headset answers the challenge by providing significant noise reduction capabilities, along with moisture-resistance and other features that help maximise job performance."

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INFORMATION: Free information is available from VOCOLLECT on the subject in this story. Click here to request a copy

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