Creativity is for Everyone

There is no such thing as creativity: you just assemble whats already there
George Balanchine

Are you of the view that only a few individuals are creative or that it is only truly artistic people who are creative? If you recognize this belief in yourself you are certainly not alone - it is held by the majority of people.

In the scene in Father of the Bride 2, Steve Martins character, having just been told that he is to become a father again yells at the doctor that men of his age dont become fathers! When the doctor tells him that Picasso fathered a child in his seventies Steve Martin yells at him but he is an artist, artists can do whatever they want to do!!

When a deadline is looming and everyone is expecting you to come up with a brilliant idea, even assembling what is already there may seem impossible.

My belief is that everyone can be creative, it is often hidden behind the rules that we think we should be operating by. These rules include - think logically, be structured, get it right. These so called rules or limiting beliefs constrict what we allow ourselves to do creatively.

So lay aside your rules for a short while and reach beyond logic and structure into your imagination. This is the wonderful place full of ideas, fun, humour and colour and where we can do the impossible. It is also the place where you can see things differently and find new ideas and solutions.

So the next question is how can I tap into my imagination? The popular concept of management gurus is out of the box thinking. I suggest there is lots of box thinking that can help you with ideas.

1. In the box thinking
Look within the box to see what has worked and what hasnt. Look at the past and what you can learn from that. Investigate solutions that have been floated previously but never tried.

2. Other box thinking
Visit other boxes both inside and external to your organisation. Look at different sectors as well as your own. Considerable learning and sharing can be had from everyone.

Within your own company think about finance visiting customer services or purchasing visiting manufacturing and vice versa. It will give a greater understanding of the benefits of other boxes, a sharing of practices and ways to integrate the boxes more effectively

3. No box thinking
This is the hardest type of thinking with no limits and therefore greater risks. There is no box to provide security or protection. Imagine your box with transparent walls and just let your mind come up with new and different ideas. You can always go back into the box to check them out.

Remember boxes are in our minds most of the time so challenge your limiting beliefs you have creativity in you.

Whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you cant, youre absolutely right. Henry Ford

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