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Smart delivery or dystopia?

How does industry really feel about the cloud, big data, IoT, smart devices, do they see them as an opportunity or a threat?

On Equal Terms

Putting e-commerce stock control and fulfilment on the same level as order processing platforms can make all the difference when it comes to controlling stock more precisely and ensuring goods are despatched correctly.Here's how.

ROI, part two: a calculation example in three steps

In today’s dynamic marketplace, investment in IT is vital. But how is it possible to calculate the ROI for IT projects in order to get the budget approved? Here is a 3-step calculation example.

It’s time to put more women at the top of the supply chain

It's a regularly acknowledged fact that having greater gender diversity within companies leads to better business outcomes. So what should supply chain be doing to fill the current talent gap?

When is the right time to implement a WMS? Ten indicators to be aware of

This article highlights 10 telltale signs that indicate when your company needs to move away from paper and invest in a warehouse management system (WMS).

IT investment in uncertain times – how to determine the ROI

IT is a cornerstone for efficient global trade. Regulations change frequently and companies must be able to react quickly to protect their business and global supply chain operation.

What to do with a global trade software patchwork

Internationalisation holds great potential. But when networks expand, companies often continue to run local customs solutions. The result is an inefficient patchwork of systems– and harmonising such disjointed customs processes really pays off.

Big Data – Big Benefits

There was a time when shopping used to be a touch and feel experience. Today, shopping is just a simple select and click.

Rising Demand For Managed Print Services

The Managed Print Services market is still growing fast, expected to more than triple in the next eleven years, and it’s not hard to see why.

Autonomous driving: are we there yet?

There are many questions about autonomous driving. From road safety and software beta versions to ethics, morals, and potentials for logistics – what are the latest developments?