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Supply chain visibility – the holy grail for customer-focused businesses

The digital age has irreversibly changed expectations in logistics and the supply chain. What do companies need to change to satisfy customers’ demands and stay competitive – now and in the future?

Why retailers should step away from technical couriers and insure themselves against IT downtime

The use of courier services has become common practice across the retail industry - however, the costs they create for the retailer can be substantial.

One Belt, One Road: will China’s vision reshape global trade?

On 18th January, 2017, the first direct rail freight service from China arrived at a freight depot in East London – an exciting event that heralds a change in the geopolitical order. What opportunities will result from this?

Control your print environment; learning lessons from the ‘frontline’

Managed print services are in widespread use in front offices but less so in industrial spaces yet there is much to be gained in both cost reduction and increased efficiency.

What’s hot in the rugged computing industry right now?

Per Holmberg, CEO at JLT Mobile Computers, identifies the three hottest trends that are shaping the rugged computing industry today.

Why CPG Companies and Retailers Must Address the Gap in Digital Transformations

This article outlines why the digital gap needs addressing and why CPG, retail and quick service execs need to mobilse resources, talent and effort in the direction of digital operational excellence.

Fighting fire with fire: IoT against digitisation complexity?

Digitisation and in particular digital customer engagement has rendered supply chain management ever more complex. Could the internet of things (IoT) be the next step to balance the consequences?

Container Terminals: Seeing Opportunities Instead of Obstacles

The difference between an obstacle, such as a market downturn, and an opportunity is one of perspective. When shipping volumes decrease, container terminal operators’ thinking needs to shift.

Three Retail Tech Trends to Watch in 2017

The retail tech industry is changing at a rapid pace, and it's essential that in 2017 businesses put in measures to cope with expansion. Sean Chandiram of Barron McCann discusses what changes will take place within retail tech over the next 12 months.

Manufacturers are drowning in paperwork. Technology is the lifeboat.

With product liability laws, many manufacturers have to retain some documentation for up to 30 years. While this can seem like a paper trail burden, adopting the right technological approach, documents can even drive a more efficient supply chain.