Supporting ISO 14443-4 (Transmission Protocol) transponders

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With the latest firmware of the 13.56 Mhz product line OBID classic-pro (ID CPR), our readers also support part 4 of standard ISO 14443 (Transmission Protocol). Part 4 describes protocols and mechanisms for data transfer, which are mainly used in complex processor cards. Equipped with complex cryptographic features, such cards are especially suitable for charging- and public transportation systems. In the near future, they will also be used for e-passports and visas according to ICAO standards.

The support of ISO 14443-4 is based on a simple system: just like before, OBID classic-pro readers support ISO 14443-3, thereby facilitating the identification of the serial number and the anti-collision function for types A and B. Furthermore, the readers realize, whether the present transponder supports manufacturer-specific (proprietary) protocols for the data transfer or protocols according to ISO 14443-4. Transponders with proprietary protocols will be supported according to these manufactuer-specific data; ISO14443-4 compatible transponders however, are supported by a configurable mechanism contained in the firmware, which automatically lifts the transponder to the ISO14443-4 layer. On this layer, the transponder can be processed with the newly integrated command "ISO 14443-4 Container Command. By using this command, the application will control the data transfer on this higher layer, disregarding RF-specific transactions on lower layers. The new firmware is available for all products of the OBID classic-pro-reader family.

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